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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends

July 24, 2015 1 comment

AuthorI will admit one of my dirty little secrets… I LOVE being on show site! Nothing ever goes as planned; but that’s part of the fun. Thinking quickly, solving problems, broken overhead sprinklers, popcorn machines catching fire, rotating booths 180 degrees, yep I love it all! Read more…

Coffee. Elves. Electronics.

November 14, 2014 Leave a comment

AuthorWELL IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME AGAIN… No, not the holidays! Come on now, we’re in the tradeshow industry! CES is coming and the countdown is on!! In less than 2 months, the show will be open and our job will be done (until the next show that is).

I may be a bit biased since I am out here on the West Coast, but I think CES is the biggest show of the year. Even non-tradeshow people know about this one. It’s one of my favorite shows! Every year companies outdo themselves. Read more…

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