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They Don’t Want A Pop-Up


In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had conversations with some AE’s around the country with a specific reoccurring phrase: “My client says they don’t want a pop-up”.  However, without knowing why, one could waste a lot of time giving “solutions” that keep hitting the client’s pain button.  So, in an effort to help, here are some possible solutions to offer based on the three of the most frequent responses to the question, “Why don’t you like pop-ups?”

Is a traditional pop-up too heavy for them?  I hear this a lot, and having wheeled around my fair share of full display cases, I can relate. Read more…

I Know A Guy

March 26, 2013 3 comments


I Know a Guy [i]

As I get close to being with Optima for nine years [ii], I find myself still amazed at the amount of things that Optima has done and how it has grown. From all the different print types (dye-sublimation, direct to substrate, lambda, etc) to, now, bending metal structures to hang above your booth/sit right inside it [iii], and even offering technology solutions for people to present themselves better at their booth (the InTouch Table). However, despite all of these capabilities, there are plenty of things out there we don’t handle, and when a request comes in for something we can’t do ourselves, it is always nice to know someone who can help you out. Before working for Optima, I used to be an event planner [iv] and quickly realized having a rolodex [v] filled with businesses that provide a variety of services makes an event planner’s life very easy. I even joined an organization that devotes itself solely to passing leads back and forth to its members [vi] . If you needed a nine piece big band [vii] , a marzipan covered cake [viii] , or a keynote speaker [ix] , I had it covered. Now that I’m with Optima Graphics, I don’t really get asked for those items all that often [x] , but there are items that do come up. Read more…

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CES – A good start for a good year?

January 27, 2012 Leave a comment


Well, now that January is wrapping up, I’ve been thinking a little more about CES. You see, CES is a show I pay attention to for a couple of reasons, but mostly because I use it as part of one of my New Year’s resolutions. My resolution doesn’t have anything to do with attending the show (which I’ve never done) or having Optima print graphics that will be used at the show (although that is wonderful every year when it happens). I’ll tell you what it is in a bit. In the meantime, it’s a show that interests me on many levels: its size, its subject matter, its exhibitors, and most importantly…its statistics. Read more…

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Service. Marketing. And a down 2010?

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Last week, I took a look at a summary analysis of the “2010 Exhibition Industry and Future Outlook” by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR).  You can find that report on this hyperlink: SHAZAM!  A couple of things struck me as I looked at it.  First off, I have never told any of my friends and family that I’m in the “exhibition industry”.  They are already confused on what I actually do for a living, and saying that I’m into exhibition is only going to muddy the waters.  Second, I was surprised at how different the 2010 report was from accounts I’ve heard at various exhibit houses.

Most of the folks I’ve talked to have said that 2010 was a bounce back year for two main reasons: Read more…

Creativity is often born from neccessity…

April 18, 2011 1 comment

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“Life is a continuous exercise in creative problem solving”- Michael J. Gelb

As I travel around the country visiting various exhibit houses, one of the questions I get asked the most is, “How was your flight?”  Quickly following that, though, is the question, “Have you seen any interesting projects come through Optima lately?”  Although there is almost always something interesting being put together on our production floor, I was recently reminded of a project that I thought might interest you. Read more…

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US Travel Association Doing Their Part

January 6, 2010 6 comments

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I don’t know if you caught this, but there was a 1/4 page ad in a recent Wall Street Journal exposing the benefits of attending trade shows.  Now, I personally don’t have a subscription to the WSJ and I think those of you who know me aren’t terribly surprised at that one.  Fortunately, I have a CFO who does and he likes me enough to bring it in for me to peruse.  Like my grandpa always used to say, always make friends with the guy who can help you out with expense reports.  I digress…

So, this ad entitled “Boost Your ROI from Meetings and Trade Shows” Read more…

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