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Designing The Obvious

October 18, 2013 4 comments

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There are still plenty of product niches out there needing to be filled but they are not always obvious.

I recently was tasked to design a point-of-purchase kiosk for a client. The client’s overall goal was to create a simple, clean and modern design that utilized a large informative graphic and a product placement shelf at a low cost. I looked through our inventory to find a starting point to begin developing the idea and found a standard kiosk that Optima already offered in its product line. I then set out to find the simplest solution to mount and lock a graphic to that kiosk that was strong enough to support both the product and shelving. I designed a structurally sound iPad Kiosk/Point of Purchase that accepted a large, rigid back graphic. This met the need as a simple and in expensive solution while unintentionally solving an obvious product gap in the market. Read more…

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