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Feel This

AuthorWithout fabric we would truly be naked and afraid. The earliest forms consisted of animal skins draped across the body for warmth. Weaving of fabric dates back to 8000 B.C and woven wool rugs have been found near Turkey from around 6500 BC. Lastly, China is credited with opening trade routes with their production of silk around 2800 B.C.

History aside, the fact remains – we have come a long way with fabric. It is part of everyday life affecting many industries. In the tradeshow industry, fabric is a mainstay and the primary component in the creation of exhibits and displays. Not just the fabric itself but the need for colorful, true to life, attention-getting graphics is in demand. Read more…

WOW! That Just Blew My Mind

April 10, 2015 Leave a comment

AuthorEvery year at Exhibitor and Global Shop it’s a chance for buyers, industry experts and plain ole peons like me to see new ideas, the best of the best, trendsetters and even the same ole same ole of products and services that our industry offers. This year was no exception with Exhibitor prominently displaying every conceivable way to bend, construct and manipulate aluminum extrusion to get the most out of tension fabric displays. Global Shop, following suit two weeks later, promoted countless ways to backlight, edgelight and even front light fabric images for window and POP displays. Read more…

From Floor to Ceiling

April 3, 2015 3 comments

Category Icon TestWhat is the saying . . . “In like a lion, out like a lamb”? With the Exhibitor Show falling a couple weeks earlier than last year, my February ended and March began with the supervising of our display set-up at the show. For those of you who have been on a convention floor during set-up you know how crazy that can be. But I had two things going for me this year that I knew would help ease the chaos. First, I was teamed up with my colleague, partner in crime and Optima AE, Brianna Ziomek, who had taken care of all the required show kit paperwork and everything was ordered to perfection. Second, TS Crew was our EAC again this year so I knew I was in good hands. Read more…

I Do

March 27, 2015 5 comments

PaulI’m getting married. This means that right now I am swimming in the shark infested wedding planning waters.

While my fiancée is a planner extraordinaire, it immediately became apparent that we faced some challenges; the wedding industry can be quite a racket. It feels as if there is this magic formula where as soon as you say to a retailer or vendor the magic W word, the price doubles or triples.

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March 20, 2015 Leave a comment


Every wonder how your show space gets put together? It’s not as easy as it seems but the pros at TS Crew, an EAC labor contractor, have it down to a science. This insightful video will open some eyes about the expertise and hard work of trade show labor.
Read more…

The Reunion Factor

March 20, 2015 2 comments

AuthorSo, I have satisfied the marketing team’s request at supplying a blog for this week. They are happy and I am happy. But I had a few memorable experiences at this last Exhibitor show that I felt compelled to type away some more. They included: getting up and saying a few words at our reception and then realizing that I forgot to wish Abby Butler a Happy birthday as I intended; spending time with many students from BSU; chatting up the school’s Dean of All Things Dean, and realizing that Optima is forming a great bond with the school (and now many alumni.)

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The Band is all Packed and Gone

March 13, 2015 6 comments

AuthorExhibitorLive 2015 is now in our rear view mirror. I am struggling to add the Live part to the name, but I guess that’s because I have been going to the show simply known as Exhibitor for 20 sumpin’ years. I am not afraid to say – I am glad it’s over. I am glad to have left Las Vegas, but I am sincerely appreciative of the time spent stuck indoors for nearly four days. My baseline assessment is that the number of Exhibitors was the same, the number of attendees was the same, and to have a successful show, those numbers are actually not relevant in any meaningful way. However, opportunities found – well that does matter and our strategy for the show was geared around opportunity. Discovery and the number of opportunities that were unearthed was phenomenal. I just finished going through documenting all the projects or ongoing pieces of business that I or my team encountered and all I can say is wow! There’s a lot of action in the industry right now – more than what we observed in 2014 and 2013. Read more…


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