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My Dirty Little Secret

August 19, 2016 7 comments

AuthorI have a secret, a dirty little secret that I have been harboring for over 19 years now. And NO, my secret is not that I know who shot JR on Dallas.

Unfortunately, the longer I work at Optima and the closer I work with you, the more guilt pangs course through my veins from keeping this secret. I feel as if I must cleanse myself, right this wrong, beg for your forgiveness and head down the path towards redemption.

So here it goes… Read more…


August 5, 2016 Leave a comment

AuthorAbout ten years ago, my wife and I wanted to update our kitchen so we went to a local firm that had a beautiful showroom with a large selection of kitchen arrangement in various styles and price range. We worked with their designer and chose the cabinets, flooring and color palette that fit our personal taste and budget. Since this was going to be a gut rehab, the time estimate for completing the work was 6 weeks.  Read more…

You’re Not Supposed To Do That!

AuthorA funny thing happened to me at an outdoor event I attended a couple weekends ago. This event was completely recreational, nothing work related in any way but I suffer from this affliction which causes me to be drawn to graphics and displays whereupon I will dissect the materials they used, the hardware type, etc. So as I was leisurely sampling wares from various craft brewers and bourbon distillers (as I said, this was completely recreational) I noticed a phenomenon that I like to call “they just don’t know any better”. Read more…

Blast from the Past

July 22, 2016 3 comments

AuthorAfter returning home from a recent trip, a comment a customer once made to me came to mind. He said, “Lambda – most of the young people in our office do not even know what it is…kinda like when they ask – what’s a turntable?” Similarly, in the world of digital music and easy access to any song via the internet, the genre and art form of vinyl records is now largely lost. Or so I thought.  Read more…

Bloom or Bust! A Tale for Deadheads.

July 8, 2016 2 comments

AuthorI was outside the other evening doing my normal thing: watering and deadheading (i.e. removing spent blooms from) my flowers. This is usually a meditative time and I do my best to think about anything except work. But on this particular evening, I had a work-related thought creep in that was actually kind of cool – it occurred to me that gardening duties have a lot in common with generating and maintaining sales.  Read more…

Look Left Right Left or Right Left Right

July 1, 2016 2 comments

AuthorI really love to travel – well I really love to travel for personal / vacation-esque reasons. I recently returned from a trip overseas and it was highlighted by time in the amazing city of Madrid. I nor my wife had ever been there before and I nor my wife have a degree in reading maps (Mapreaderologist). I mention the map because we spent much of our time in the old world area of the city and from the map, it looks like tangled up pasta. We got a bit confused trying to find a specific chocolate shop and at one point, my wife was almost run over by a souped up Vespa traveling down what I thought was the side walk (Not sure, the roads are pretty darn small). Read more…

This Isn’t Your Father’s Target Market

June 24, 2016 Leave a comment

AuthorIs your current marketing strategy age appropriate?? Do you worry that the content the spews from your marketing department is ineffective to the younger generation?? Do we really want young ears, by this I mean Millennials, exposed to boomer-age material about what exactly a product means to them and how can it catapult them into the upper stratosphere of Prestige, Sales or even the highly sought after Corner Office!?  Read more…


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