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My Golf Lessons

October 16, 2015 3 comments

AuthorFive years ago, my dad gave me a piece of advice that I’m so grateful I have actually remembered (sorry Dad). He said, “Never give up on the game you love.”  The game he’s talking about is golf. I had just recently graduated from Indiana State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing – ready to finally get my big girl job. Now, whether that actually happened right away is another story – maybe save that for my next blog post – but anyways… Read more…

Wanna get away…. from bad service and extra fees?

AuthorIt came to my attention this past week while booking airfare with my fiancé, Zach (four weeks from now my husband… whoa), that shopping around is a lot of work. For the past six years or so, my family and I have been traveling down to St. Augustine, FL for Christmas to spend the week with my brother, play golf, walk the beach, and really just get away from the dreaded Midwest cold. While Zach and I usually drive, we decided this year we’re going to spend a few extra bucks and fly. Although we’ll be spending more money, what we’ll really gain is time and convenience. Read more…

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