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The Hover Chair Story

April 29, 2016 1 comment

authorI am a huge fan of television.

The main discussion with television today is getting rid of cable or satellite TV. The need for more TV than you could dream of watching was satisfied, but now cutting back is king. However, the corporations that make money off of monthly charges for their bloated services still need to produce revenue just as much… if not more. This is hard to do if a change to their business model and system is not made. It seems that some of them want to hold on to worn out models and ignore the way things are heading.

This dilemma can be the same with any business or industry. Eventually, the world around you changes and you have to adapt or you’ll fade away.   Read more…

The Day the Food Truck Did Not Show

authorOn a few Fridays a month Optima is visited by a food truck and we all plan for it. The food trucks that have been here have all been very good.

Recently, a scheduled food truck did not show at the time that we were told they would be here. In fact, they never showed up at all. Stomachs began to get upset.

It is understandable that things like this happen. However, not contacting us to let us know was not good. What was worse was not answering our phone calls or messages since we wanted an explanation for why the scheduled food truck was a no-show. Read more…

sales, Sales, SALES!

January 23, 2015 Leave a comment

authorI do not get out of the office much to see customers… I’m protected…ha!

So, when we have a sales meeting like we did recently, I make sure I sit in to observe, listen and learn.

It is very interesting to see a salesperson’s point of view of the industry. Most of the time it is a great gig. At times, though, it sounds like they are alone on a small island with water rising, sharks circling, and the sun is setting.

No matter the struggles, our sales team proves daily that they are working for our customers. The knowledge, experience and know-how they have is staggering.
Read more…

5 Strategies To Avoid At A Trade Show

September 19, 2014 1 comment

authorThis guy stumbles into a hotel in Chicago and learns about marketing strategies. The “guy” is I. The event was the Exhibitor FastTrak and the session was on Marketing Strategies.

On the last day Bob Milam (@tradeshowbob) was the presenter and gave a great presentation on Business Marketing Strategies & Trade Shows. Bob is a great consultant and coach on the topic of trade show performance and is a contributing columnist for EXHIBITOR magazine. I was intrigued to learn about several simple things to avoid that were covered in the session. You may look at the list below and say, “common sense?” I agree. However, this list would be a good checklist to share the next time you discuss display and booth development with your client. Read more…

Inside the Industry with the Optima Sales Team

July 11, 2014 3 comments

authorRecently, we had our yearly sales meeting. A lot of things were discussed and action items given to accomplish the rest of this year forward. In the middle of this week-long event, we thought it would be a good idea to do something fun and different with our sales staff.

So, in the vein of the James Lipton show ‘Inside the Actors Studio’, the sales staff was asked the 10 questions asked of every guest on that show (modified for the Trade Show Industry). The top 5 answers were recorded and tabulated at our home office in Fenton, Missouri.

Without further ado, I give you the answers to the 10 questions:

Read more…

Has the QR Code been cracked?

June 20, 2014 3 comments


Like most of us I am a member of multiple groups on LinkedIn and I try to check each one out once a month (if not more often.) On a recent visit to the group page I came across the QR Code Strategy & Creative Group. This made me think “Have QR codes ran their course? Do I have any recent examples of utilizing a QR code?”

The answer was yes!
Let me explain with these examples three.

Example 1:
Recently I added a QR code to my business card that links to my LinkedIn page. Obviously, I feel I am very important. My mother will concur. Now I am thinking I should have linked it to a video where I introduced Optima and myself. Read more…

What a Trade Show Could Be Like in 50 Years – A Futuristic Observers View

authorWith the rapid pace of technology and the ongoing restrictions and limitations of abuse on the world around us, I decided it might be fun to imagine what shows will be like in 50 years.

A mingling buzz is not only heard but also felt as attendees, distributors and service drones move about the event space communicating in ways we can’t possibly imagine today.

Most are wearing their eYe (Extend Your Experience) glasses, made by a company with a weird name, to see displays, collect product information and communicate with each other. Half truths or exaggerated promises in conversations are absent thanks to the new eYe app that employs a virtual lie detector and background check. No shipping or set up costs for this Trade Show since it is held in a large empty warehouse. Virtual reality trade shows are still years away since too many big businesses still depend on travel to keep them in the black. Read more…

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