Communications – The Fastest Isn’t Always The Bestest!

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AuthorRecently I was at a party in my neighborhood and I was sitting with a group of fathers who have teenage children. One of the dads was telling a story of a recent situation he experienced with his 17 year old daughter. It seems his daughter had texted him with a question so he immediately called her back and she did not answer. So he called her again and still no answer. After the third call his daughter texted him, “Dad don’t call me just answer the question!” The dad was furious. “That is so rude! You call me back young lady. Who do you think is paying for that phone!”

I found that ironic because a week before I was in a restaurant and overheard a conversation with some teens and the next table. “Don’t you hate it when you text someone and they call you back? That is so rude of someone!” I thought to myself, I just experienced the latest communication generation gap!   Read more…

You’re pretty cocky to write this about a customer

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AuthorHave you ever been in a slump? Whether it’s for a day, week, month . . . longer? I have been, and I must say it only takes one good conversation, one new customer, one new opportunity, one new solution to turn everything around.

Recently I met with a customer who seemed deflated and uninterested in selling; essentially burnt out. I hadn’t met with this customer for a while, maybe 18 months, that’s a long time. They were always too busy working on existing projects to meet with me. The timing was finally right and we were able to schedule a meeting, I was excited to see them, to catch up and share the latest and greatest we have to offer

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Still very true today as it was a year ago!

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AuthorI have been on the road for the better part of two weeks and hit 6-7 airports and added a number of points to the old Hilton account. I have said it before and will say it again, the basics of travel suck – airport lines, rental car crud, GPS that sends you through the EZ Pass lane and a subsequent $34.50 toll because you have no ticket… However, visiting with customers is always fantastic. Never fails that I learn a few things and some ideas are generated. This past trip is no exception and two conversation I have had this week sit top of mind. The set-up for comparison: SEG fabric graphics and the perception of SEG as a building material and key ingredient in a project. On one hand a client who views SEG as a commodity item and another who views the graphic genre as incredibly complex…

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Not Just Trade Shows

May 13, 2016 2 comments

AuthorKudos to Gina Porcaro…for the blog she posted last week. I know for a fact some members of our sales group have pasted that one into their notebooks for future reference.

Among her excellent observations, one in particular struck me: it was about diversity in business and she made the comment that 10+ years ago, an exhibit company could be successful focusing exclusively on trade show business. An irony of that talking point is that when I began my tenure with Optima six years ago, I was tasked with strategically targeting customers who were not traditional “Trade Show” companies. However, over the course of the last six years, Read more…

Top 10 Recent Observations

May 6, 2016 6 comments

AuthorI’ll preface this with – no, I’m not kidding. Currently, I’m looking at the remainder of the year to try to figure out what’s going on in our industry, what’s trending, what’s the next big thing, and, ultimately, how can we all sell more, because without you, there’s no us. The following is a list of my top 10 industry observations . . .

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The Hover Chair Story

April 29, 2016 1 comment

authorI am a huge fan of television.

The main discussion with television today is getting rid of cable or satellite TV. The need for more TV than you could dream of watching was satisfied, but now cutting back is king. However, the corporations that make money off of monthly charges for their bloated services still need to produce revenue just as much… if not more. This is hard to do if a change to their business model and system is not made. It seems that some of them want to hold on to worn out models and ignore the way things are heading.

This dilemma can be the same with any business or industry. Eventually, the world around you changes and you have to adapt or you’ll fade away.   Read more…


April 21, 2016 4 comments

AuthorI hate to start a blog post by asking for forgiveness, but please pardon me while I nerd out a bit here (although you should have seen it coming with the Phil Collins pun). I can say without hesitation that 3D Studio ROCKS! And I’m going to back up that claim right now.

For those who aren’t familiar, 3D Studio is a free software program Optima released recently as a companion tool to our H-Line System. H-Line, being completely modular in nature, lends itself very well to this sort of application. All you have to do is configure the panels into different shapes, whether in real life or on the computer. You can kind of think of it like playing with Legos.   Read more…


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