Composing the Perfect Display

February 5, 2016 5 comments

AuthorRecently I was asked to elaborate a bit on what visual marketing meant to me personally, and at first I knew there was something there that went a bit deeper than my now-distant background in web design. But I couldn’t nail down what it was. And then it occurred to me – there is actually a tangible relationship between exhibit design and my background in music. For those who are not aware, I have a Master’s degree in French Horn Performance and used to play professionally in orchestras, and even once got to play a solo concert in Carnegie Hall. I’ve also written national award-winning compositions.

So you might ask – how could these disciplines be even remotely related? How could an art form as archaic as classical music have any relation to the world of visual marketing and tradeshow graphics? The answer lay in how the parts play together. Any good tradeshow exhibit shares many characteristics in common with a well-composed symphony. Read more…

Are You An Enabler?

January 29, 2016 6 comments

AuthorBreaking news.. I have a new role and job title! (cue the drumroll, trumpets trumping, announcer clearing throat as he/she steps up to the mic for this major announcement)

My official title is now Sales Enablement Manager. Yup that’s me, numero uno, the main man, top dog, BMOC, Head Chief. What’s that you say? What exactly is a Sales Enablement Manager? Hmm…darn good question. The exact same darn good question that sent my synapsis into a frenzy while my lips were uttering the pure nonsensical words “sure I am always up for a new challenge”.   Read more…

Selling Through Social Media

January 26, 2016 Leave a comment

Inside Optima with Tony Schmitt

January 22, 2016 Leave a comment


Tony Schmitt has been a constant contributor to the growth of Optima since we started supplying the Trade Show Industry with Graphics. As one of the originals over 24 years ago his experience on all things Optima is staggering. He has rolled up his sleeves to work hands on or has been at the leadership of most anything new. Tony has a practical and focused approach that never wanders from the customer expectation. He knows his stuff, knows the industry, knows what Optima is capable of and he knows how to lead high performing teams. Everyday customers benefit from the result of Tony’s efforts, as he brings order to what is sometimes a crazy, frenzied world of deadlines and custom creations. I asked Tony Schmitt if he would share some of what goes on… Inside Optima.
Read more…

Inside Optima with Frank Shue

January 15, 2016 Leave a comment

header Over the last two decades plus, all of us at Optima have been committed to perpetual improvement. Within the last two years our production has made some giant leaps forward by implementing improved processes while building a high performing team.

The driving force behind our continued growth has been one Benjamin Franklin Shue III. Franks leadership and dedication to quality and efficiency has helped create the strongest foundation for growth Optima has seen to date. Franks approach to doing whatever it takes under pressure to get it done is the textbook example of Optima’s ‘No Chaos‘ motto. Cool, calm and collected, he rallies his team to bring order in an industry full of incredibly demanding, challenges! I asked Frank Shue if he would share some of what’s going on Inside Optima? Read more…

A New Year and New Opportunities

January 8, 2016 Leave a comment

AuthorFirst off, I want to thank all of our customers, trusted vendor partners, and all of my fellow Optimites for a great 2015. As I type this, many folks in the St. Louis area are still recovering from the unprecedented rain we had a week or so back. The rain gauge at my house registered about 9.5” in three days and unfortunately, that volume of water caused many a nasty situation. But true to form in the Midwest, I saw some Optima employees step up and do some pretty impressive things to keep the wheels turning and kudos to the die hards that came in on Sunday, the 3rd of January, to knock out a number of projects and some emergency opportunities that a few customers threw our way. Read more…

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Right From The Start!

December 11, 2015 Leave a comment

Optima Graphics Blog

garyYour projects are the lifeblood of a growing business and its imperative that everything go as smoothly as possible. With all the chaos that comes with organizing an event or creating a top-level exhibit experience for your customer, nothing can be left to chance. At Optima, we recognize that there are a lot of irons in the fire and do our best to bring order to our customers lives.

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