The Hover Chair Story

April 29, 2016 1 comment

authorI am a huge fan of television.

The main discussion with television today is getting rid of cable or satellite TV. The need for more TV than you could dream of watching was satisfied, but now cutting back is king. However, the corporations that make money off of monthly charges for their bloated services still need to produce revenue just as much… if not more. This is hard to do if a change to their business model and system is not made. It seems that some of them want to hold on to worn out models and ignore the way things are heading.

This dilemma can be the same with any business or industry. Eventually, the world around you changes and you have to adapt or you’ll fade away.   Read more…


April 21, 2016 4 comments

AuthorI hate to start a blog post by asking for forgiveness, but please pardon me while I nerd out a bit here (although you should have seen it coming with the Phil Collins pun). I can say without hesitation that 3D Studio ROCKS! And I’m going to back up that claim right now.

For those who aren’t familiar, 3D Studio is a free software program Optima released recently as a companion tool to our H-Line System. H-Line, being completely modular in nature, lends itself very well to this sort of application. All you have to do is configure the panels into different shapes, whether in real life or on the computer. You can kind of think of it like playing with Legos.   Read more…

Of Course He Has A Tail

April 15, 2016 6 comments

garyEveryone knows Curious George has a tail; he’s a monkey, after all. I distinctly remember that book where he is hanging in the tree torturing that hat salesman dude.

Right? Nope – wrong! There is a book called Hats For Sale but it’s not even a Curious George book. George doesn’t have a tail but most everyone at first recall thinks he does.

Turns out we are all wrong about a lot of things we remember to be facts or thought had happened. What happened? Was it always that way or did some mysterious circumstance change the world as we know it? Freaky.   Read more…

Introductions & Confessions

April 8, 2016 1 comment

Author PhotoI’ve got a confession. It’s time to clear the slate and move on. Tell me if you’ve done this same thing. Oh, before I begin, is there anyone out there who doesn’t like to read? Are you a kindle, iPad or some other electronic device kind of person? Or do you prefer a good printed book? I, personally, find it convenient to read from my iPad. It’s easy to buy books or check them out from the library online. But there are times when good old fashion paper with the written word suffices just fine or quite frankly, is the only thing available.  Read more…


March 18, 2016 2 comments

Category Icon TestDuring the last couple of weeks, three things caught my attention – EXHIBITORLIVE, an article in a Southwest inflight magazine and an excerpt on NPR of a TED talk.
First, at this year’s EXHIBITORLIVE, I was impressed by the creativity of many of the structures and the striking use of LED lighting that was prevalent in the exhibit hall. LED’s were used either to bathe the exhibit itself with a spectrum of colored light or to illuminate large light boxes with vivid, seamless imagery. One company had a digital LED wall that displayed ever-changing, larger-than-life images. There were even a couple of booths that featured another use of light – holograms that demonstrated how this technology can attract attention and give life to a static product.

Second, on my return flight from Las Vegas, Read more…

ExhibitorLIVE. Welcome to the Rabbit Hole.

March 11, 2016 1 comment

AuthorI have been a lot of places in my life, not to say that I am a renowned international traveler. But I would like to think that I have experienced a lot of things. With that said, I would be somewhat remiss if I didn’t add EXHIBITORLIVE to my list of eye-opening escapades. When I came to Optima, the word “Exhibitor” came up early and often in orientations, group meetings and with management. They spoke about it as if it were a magical gathering of wizards from middle earth. A place for select members of the chosen few and I was invited. Vegas was nothing new to me…my wife and I had travelled there many times and donated a fair share of our earnings to sin city. This was something entirely different.   Read more…

Every Picture Tells a Story, Don’t It?

February 26, 2016 Leave a comment

AuthorPlease forgive the grammar in the title; I am verbatim quoting a lyric from the title track of Rod Stewart’s 1971 album “Every Picture Tells a Story” and yes, I am old enough to remember hearing this song on the radio before it was relegated to the Classic (aka ‘Oldies’) Radio Stations. It’s a catchy tune that really sticks in your head and it got me thinking about how important pictures are when we make a decision about something we plan to buy. Whether it’s an actual photo, or the one that forms in your head as you hear a good story, we really need a clear picture to feel comfortable when making those choices.   Read more…


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