I Already Miss Summer

AuthorI was doing some yard work last weekend when I saw something that freaked me out a little bit. There was a single bright red leaf on the maple tree in my front yard. In the fall, this tree is spectacular – it literally looks like it’s on fire when the leaves change color! But the thing that bothered me now was the realization that our summer would be ending pretty soon. Read more…

The 6 Questions with Harold Mintz

July 31, 2015 3 comments

I asked THE Harold Mintz The 6 Questions


Before I finished reading the first question I was grinning as I realized how much fun it was working with Harold. You can hear his voice as he tells it the way it was and by the answer to the sixth question I was laughing out loud for real. I hope you enjoy it as much.

1. Tradeshow industry lore is that we all just fell into tradeshow and once you’re in you never leave. For many people that is certainly true. For others, they leave but a part of them remains.  How did you get into the business? Read more…

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends

July 24, 2015 1 comment

AuthorI will admit one of my dirty little secrets… I LOVE being on show site! Nothing ever goes as planned; but that’s part of the fun. Thinking quickly, solving problems, broken overhead sprinklers, popcorn machines catching fire, rotating booths 180 degrees, yep I love it all! Read more…

The 6 Questions with Kevin Carty

July 24, 2015 1 comment

AuthorA clever friend of mine, we’ll call him Harold Mintz, just to use a name, once hipped me to a trick. Harold explained that whenever he is at a party and the conversation is slow he loosens things up with a question. “What did you go to school for and what are you doing now.” Everybody has a story – Brilliant!

Piggybacking on big H’s idea, I’m running a new blog series titled The 6 Questions. I have some of the icons of our industry, folks you all know, lined up and ready to reveal the how, why and whatever. Our tradeshow industry is packed full of some of the most interesting people. They each have a unique story to share.

I first asked Kevin Carty of Classic Exhibits The 6 Questions  Read more…

A Square Beyond Compare

July 17, 2015 2 comments

AuthorFor those outside of St. Louis there is a local pizza chain that uses a tag line that is “The Square Beyond Compare”. The company, Imo’s – (I want to give proper credit to the catch phrase) makes St. Louis style thin crust pizza and they do not cut it into traditional wedges, but squares, hence the slogan.

Read more…


July 10, 2015 1 comment


Do you walk the walk, better yet does your entire organization?

I apologize in advance as my story telling abilities are far from compelling and/or engaging enough to pull you to the edge of your seat or have you hanging on my every word. I also may have left off a few colorful verbs, nouns, pronouns or adjectives out, strictly for reducing word count only.

We all at one point in time or another have experienced a situation or customer service meltdown similar to the one below:   Read more…

Fare Thee Well and Bottle Rockets

AuthorTomorrow is Independence Day and I encourage all to stop, really stop and think about what occurred to form our country and the wisdom on hand to outline the future of our country. I am glad I can criticize, glad I can call the prez anything from a “hero” (our society really overuses that word now) to a zero and it’s cool because it’s my right.   Read more…


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