The Day the Food Truck Did Not Show

authorOn a few Fridays a month Optima is visited by a food truck and we all plan for it. The food trucks that have been here have all been very good.

Recently, a scheduled food truck did not show at the time that we were told they would be here. In fact, they never showed up at all. Stomachs began to get upset.

It is understandable that things like this happen. However, not contacting us to let us know was not good. What was worse was not answering our phone calls or messages since we wanted an explanation for why the scheduled food truck was a no-show. Read more…

You’re pretty cocky to write this about a customer

May 22, 2015 1 comment

AuthorHave you ever been in a slump? Whether it’s for a day, week, month . . . longer? I have been, and I must say it only takes one good conversation, one new customer, one new opportunity, one new solution to turn everything around.

Recently I met with a customer who seemed deflated and uninterested in selling; essentially burnt out. I hadn’t met with this customer for a while, maybe 18 months, that’s a long time. They were always too busy working on existing projects to meet with me. The timing was finally right and we were able to schedule a meeting, I was excited to see them, to catch up and share the latest and greatest we have to offer Read more…

Feel This

AuthorWithout fabric we would truly be naked and afraid. The earliest forms consisted of animal skins draped across the body for warmth. Weaving of fabric dates back to 8000 B.C and woven wool rugs have been found near Turkey from around 6500 BC. Lastly, China is credited with opening trade routes with their production of silk around 2800 B.C.

History aside, the fact remains – we have come a long way with fabric. It is part of everyday life affecting many industries. In the tradeshow industry, fabric is a mainstay and the primary component in the creation of exhibits and displays. Not just the fabric itself but the need for colorful, true to life, attention-getting graphics is in demand. Read more…

What’s Our Plan B?

May 8, 2015 1 comment

AuthorWhen you have the good fortune of working in this unique arena we call “The Trade Show Industry,” you develop this particular skill that is absolutely essential for your survival. It’s an innate ability to direct your energy toward solving a problem. Unforeseen issues continually come up and you just keep moving forward. There is no fail – let’s just figure out what our options are and keep moving forward.
Read more…


AuthorI have been on the road for the better part of two weeks and hit 6-7 airports and added a number of points to the old Hilton account. I have said it before and will say it again, the basics of travel suck – airport lines, rental car crud, GPS that sends you through the EZ Pass lane and a subsequent $34.50 toll because you have no ticket… However, visiting with customers is always fantastic. Never fails that I learn a few things and some ideas are generated. This past trip is no exception and two conversation I have had this week sit top of mind. The set-up for comparison: SEG fabric graphics and the perception of SEG as a building material and key ingredient in a project. On one hand a client who views SEG as a commodity item and another who views the graphic genre as incredibly complex and a very strong filter to choose who can produce graphics for that company.

Read more…

Right From The Start!

gary Your projects are the lifeblood of a growing business and its imperative that everything go as smoothly as possible. With all the chaos that comes with organizing an event or creating a top-level exhibit experience for your customer, nothing can be left to chance. At Optima, we recognize that there are a lot of irons in the fire and do our best to bring order to our customers lives.
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WOW! That Just Blew My Mind

April 10, 2015 Leave a comment

AuthorEvery year at Exhibitor and Global Shop it’s a chance for buyers, industry experts and plain ole peons like me to see new ideas, the best of the best, trendsetters and even the same ole same ole of products and services that our industry offers. This year was no exception with Exhibitor prominently displaying every conceivable way to bend, construct and manipulate aluminum extrusion to get the most out of tension fabric displays. Global Shop, following suit two weeks later, promoted countless ways to backlight, edgelight and even front light fabric images for window and POP displays. Read more…


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