The Art of Listening

September 23, 2016 Leave a comment

AuthorTo all you married people out there – have you ever heard these words from your spouse: “You never listen to me?” I have and after 47 years of marriage, I guess you could say I am a slow learner (although I must admit, I am much better now than I was in my early days).

Several years back, my wife and I went on a Marriage Encounter weekend where we were taught the finer points of the 10/10… Read more…

Face To Face

September 16, 2016 4 comments

AuthorI was just about to leave my house last weekend when a young man rang my doorbell and asked me to purchase some popcorn to help support his scout troop. Now I was in a hurry but a couple of things struck me about this guy. He was probably 11 to 12 years old, extremely poised, polite, nicely dressed and he had the courage to knock on my door and attempt to sell me something most people really don’t need, or want…so right off the bat he has my attention. Read more…

I Created An Algorithm

September 9, 2016 Leave a comment

AuthorMany of today’s youth do not get credit for their skillful use of computers, math, and the ole Rubik’s cube. Enter recent high school graduate and new college freshman Connor Wright. Over the summer, Connor was recently named Facebook’s artist in residence and he spent several weeks creating a portrait of Alan Turing (see image below), but he did not use paint or ink or even Crayola Crayons, nope, Connor used 6,534 dominos. Yeah dominos. This is his latest project that combines a number of his skills and passions. Math, science, art, and good ole wondermentality. Our business is full of skill, drive, and an absolute dose of wondermentality.

Read more…

Seeing Is Believing – The Power of a DEMO!

September 2, 2016 2 comments

AuthorWhen was the last time you received something you bought on the internet and it wasn’t exactly what you were looking for? It’s happened to us all – say you bought a shirt online that seemed to be the right size, right style – but when you receive it, it doesn’t fit and you have to return it.

Well, in the tradeshow industry, we don’t usually have the luxury of returns at all, let alone free ones, since almost everything we sell is custom and made-to-order. Read more…

EDPA Northeast Chapter 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament

August 26, 2016 Leave a comment

AuthorAs many of you know, I love golfing, I stink at it, but after each round I try to remember the one great shot, this shot keeps me coming back for more and is likely only a great shot in my mind!🙂

Golf is a terrific game, what other sport allows you to enjoy the outdoors, curse like a sailor (even if it’s only in your head, ok, sometimes out loud too!) and partake in a couple of adult beverages!  Read more…

My Dirty Little Secret

August 19, 2016 7 comments

AuthorI have a secret, a dirty little secret that I have been harboring for over 19 years now. And NO, my secret is not that I know who shot JR on Dallas.

Unfortunately, the longer I work at Optima and the closer I work with you, the more guilt pangs course through my veins from keeping this secret. I feel as if I must cleanse myself, right this wrong, beg for your forgiveness and head down the path towards redemption.

So here it goes… Read more…


August 5, 2016 Leave a comment

AuthorAbout ten years ago, my wife and I wanted to update our kitchen so we went to a local firm that had a beautiful showroom with a large selection of kitchen arrangement in various styles and price range. We worked with their designer and chose the cabinets, flooring and color palette that fit our personal taste and budget. Since this was going to be a gut rehab, the time estimate for completing the work was 6 weeks.  Read more…

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