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Coffee. Elves. Electronics.

AuthorWELL IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME AGAIN… No, not the holidays! Come on now, we’re in the tradeshow industry! CES is coming and the countdown is on!! In less than 2 months, the show will be open and our job will be done (until the next show that is).

I may be a bit biased since I am out here on the West Coast, but I think CES is the biggest show of the year. Even non-tradeshow people know about this one. It’s one of my favorite shows! Every year companies outdo themselves. I see tons of large fabric murals (the larger the better, right?), backlit everything (I mean why not? Have you seen our new LED’s?) and of course, technology is everywhere.

LogoSo during your prep for this massive show, please remember Optima’s favorite phrase: “Have a structure? We can skin it!” But let’s not stop there – “Need a hanging sign? We can build one in our metal shop!” Have only one week for production? Not a problem! (though that statement might get me in trouble). We have our own set of coffee-driven elves who work tirelessly to produce items in sometimes unimaginable short time-frames.

What are you looking forward to about CES?
Let us help you win that job and I will see you all at CES 2015!

About the Author

Brianna Ziomek is an Account Executive at Optima Graphics.
She has been with Optima since 2013 and in the Trade Show industry since the 2003.

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