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Renting is not fun!

March 30, 2017 Leave a comment

AuthorUmm, I mean renting a house isn’t fun. Renting an exhibit is an entirely different situation and can really be the way to go these days…

But you must wonder, what put me on this tangent?
Just reflecting on when our refrigerator died last fall and our landlord Steve did not fix the problem immediately.

My boyfriend Neil and I have been excellent tenants who’ve taken great care of the property and paid rent on time every month for 4 years, yet Steve said it would take a whole week to get the new fridge in – WHAT?!?!?!

Read more…


August 5, 2016 Leave a comment

AuthorAbout ten years ago, my wife and I wanted to update our kitchen so we went to a local firm that had a beautiful showroom with a large selection of kitchen arrangement in various styles and price range. We worked with their designer and chose the cabinets, flooring and color palette that fit our personal taste and budget. Since this was going to be a gut rehab, the time estimate for completing the work was 6 weeks.  Read more…

A Little Nostalgia

September 11, 2015 2 comments

Category Icon TestRecently I was in the state of New Jersey on business and while I was driving to my next appointment I noticed that my car’s gas gauge was hovering on empty. I reached for my GPS, hit “Points of Interest”, “Fuel” and saw that there was a Valero station only a mile down the road. I exhaled a sigh of relief and let the Garmin do its work to guide me to the station. After pulling up to the pump an unusual thing happened. A casually dressed man walked over to my car and asked me how much gasoline I would like, asked me for cash or credit and proceeded to fill my empty car tank. After the tank was full, the gentleman handed back my credit card along with a receipt and I was on my merry way. New Jersey is the only state that I have traveled in that does not allow you to pump your own gas. Kind of cool but it doesn’t compare to what I experience as a teenager. Read more…

If You Deliver Value, They Will Come

August 21, 2015 2 comments

AuthorIt’s not an easy thing to be the office new hire. At least not for me. I was always the new kid in school and I really was not a fan of it. New place, new faces, new ways of doing things. You’ve been there….you leave a company and an industry that you had been immersed in for a long time – in my case 14 years- to join one where you are “the new guy”. Generally I find a proposition like this about as appealing as your average root canal. But if you want to grow in your career in today’s corporate world, sometimes change is necessary.   Read more…

More Is Better

January 3, 2014 2 comments


What is a team?
It’s the work being done by people who work together toward a common goal.

What kind of teams are there?
Search & rescue, sports teams, work teams, space teams, military teams, and writing teams. The list goes on.

What is the advantage of a team?

Get the job done quicker, build better morale, obtain more ideas, and offer additional resources. The list goes on.

You now have your very own Optima Service team to support your business. Your Service team includes four unique individuals with different skill sets and responsibilities to better service you. Read more…

Service. Marketing. And a down 2010?

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Last week, I took a look at a summary analysis of the “2010 Exhibition Industry and Future Outlook” by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR).  You can find that report on this hyperlink: SHAZAM!  A couple of things struck me as I looked at it.  First off, I have never told any of my friends and family that I’m in the “exhibition industry”.  They are already confused on what I actually do for a living, and saying that I’m into exhibition is only going to muddy the waters.  Second, I was surprised at how different the 2010 report was from accounts I’ve heard at various exhibit houses.

Most of the folks I’ve talked to have said that 2010 was a bounce back year for two main reasons: Read more…

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