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Warm Light, Cool Light, Bright Light, Right Light

April 7, 2017 1 comment

Does the Color Temperature of the White Light I Use to Illuminate My Graphics Really Matter?

~ Guest Blogger Rob Cohen

Blogger PhotoLighting, whether front, back or internally illuminating graphics, really has a major effect on your graphics. The color temperature of the lighting used significantly impacts the appearance of the graphics.

What do we mean by color temperature and its impact on graphics? Without getting into the specifics of a particular light’s kelvin temperature, in general terms the color temperature of white light is  Read more…

The 6 Questions With Rob Cohen

August 28, 2015 Leave a comment


Rob Cohen and the rest of the team of professionals at Display, Supply & Lighting, Inc. bring a world of lighting experience and innovation to the trade show industry. There are a lot of sources out there right now that can provide everything from wires to full lighting systems and what’s becoming crystal clear is that they are not all delivering the quality we expect nor does the product being sold all meet the UL standard criteria more exhibit hall jurisdiction requires.  When Optima is faced with a new custom challenge, or working on a new product that requires lighting, we only work with the best. We turn to a name you can trust, Rob Cohen, DS&L.

SPECIAL NOTE : Just remember, don’t ever, ever, ever tamper with a hotel smoke detector – RC is what you might call a professional!

This week I asked Rob Cohen, DSL Group The 6 Questions

1. Tradeshow industry lore is that we all just fell into tradeshow and once you’re in you never leave. For many people that is certainly true. For others, they leave but a part of them remains.  How did you get into the business? Read more…

How that White and Gold dress matters to your display even if it’s really Black and Blue.

February 27, 2015 1 comment

AuthorWhite and Gold, or Blue and Black?
You may have seen the latest Internet sensation of the image of a dress with a simple question: “Is the photo of the dress white with gold trim or blue with black trim?”. The answer is “Yes”. Hopefully that cleared things up. No? Ok, let’s dig deeper.

Let’s talk lighting. We won’t even get into the rods and cones in your eyes; I’ll leave that to your optometrist. Our surroundings and the lighting of an object can trick our eyes and alter our color perception. Light drastically affects how our eyes perceive color. In fact, it is just about the most important factor in color perception. Light bounces off of objects and into our eyes at varying wavelengths. These different wavelengths produce all of the colors we can see.
Read more…

What do you mean Lighting affects Design?

January 20, 2012 1 comment

Category Icon Test

The light that your designs are viewed by will directly affect the color that the audience perceives, thereby affecting the design itself. There now, that was easy.

Wait…you want more?  You can’t just take my word for it?  Alright, let’s dive into this.

How lighting affects a printed graphic is one of the most frustrating issues that Exhibit Graphic Designers can run into.  How many times have we talked to a customer who is unhappy with a color match, and yet when we look at the same color match, it looks just fine to us? Read more…

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