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You’re Not Supposed To Do That!

AuthorA funny thing happened to me at an outdoor event I attended a couple weekends ago. This event was completely recreational, nothing work related in any way but I suffer from this affliction which causes me to be drawn to graphics and displays whereupon I will dissect the materials they used, the hardware type, etc. So as I was leisurely sampling wares from various craft brewers and bourbon distillers (as I said, this was completely recreational) I noticed a phenomenon that I like to call “they just don’t know any better”.

Here’s how this works… several of these distillers, brewers and barbequers were using fabric table throws and retractable banner stands to brand their booths and which many people will tell you are not intended for outdoor use. Upon further inspection I noticed that some of them were anchoring a footed banner stand with sand bags and another had actually drilled holes through the stand’s foot and ran screws into a plywood floor, this worked great.

AuthorAnother example I’ve seen is with customers who use our V-bursts as photo op backdrops and secure them with sandbags laid across the bottom of the inner frame. Now that’s not something I would have recommended at one time but I now have seen it done so often that I know it works and do not hesitate recommending it myself.

Now from this and other similar experiences I have identified this phenomenon of improper uses of our products (and it actually works) as “they just don’t know any better”. Now the advantage of their not knowing they shouldn’t do something is they came up with a solution that an industry expert may have steered them away from and it worked just fine.

So God bless those who know not, what they should not do and the lesson I take from their blessed ignorance is:  You really don’t know what you can’t do until you find out that you can’t.

About the Author
Mark Nardoni is a Strategic Account Manager at Optima Graphics.
He has been in the Trade Show industry since the early 90s.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, other Authors, Optima Graphics or Taylor Corp.

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