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The Hover Chair Story

authorI am a huge fan of television.

The main discussion with television today is getting rid of cable or satellite TV. The need for more TV than you could dream of watching was satisfied, but now cutting back is king. However, the corporations that make money off of monthly charges for their bloated services still need to produce revenue just as much… if not more. This is hard to do if a change to their business model and system is not made. It seems that some of them want to hold on to worn out models and ignore the way things are heading.

This dilemma can be the same with any business or industry. Eventually, the world around you changes and you have to adapt or you’ll fade away.  

If you sell rocking chairs, you don’t start trying to sell hover chairs. Your business is not set up for that and your sales personnel do not know the first thing about hover chairs.

That said, as a company you could:

  • Market specialized information to the rocking chair customers niche differently than the masses.
  • Look into a joint effort with hover chair makers to get a piece of the pie.
  • Find out why a hover chair is better than your rocking chair and adjust the rocking chair.
  • Start a division of hover chair production or invest into a smaller hover chair company.

authorIn my Marketing position at Optima, I have seen trends come and go – and come back. Technology advancements have affected graphic production, product presentations, training and the sales visit. I even personally attended a trade show from my desk! And don’t forget about the onslaught of Social Media, Social Content, Social Listening, etc. becoming a bigger part of communication, sharing and discussion for our industry.

I mention all of this to:

  1. Give a nod to change and where we have come
  2. Give some perspective to where we are heading.

Below is a bulleted list of items from my meeting notes and discussions that Optima will be accomplishing the rest of 2016.

  • Review wholesale pricing for great quality products the industry knows and trusts.
  • Introduce great new products that customers want to sell and clients want to buy.
  • Quote quickly and in a detailed manner to get customers the numbers they need to sell – and sell more!
  • Create more and more options for rental.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, other Authors, Optima Graphics or Taylor Corp.

About the Author Derek Leftridge is the Marketing Coordinator of Optima™. He has been involved in many aspects of the Trade Show Industry since 1993. He is now involved in Social Media and E-Marketing for Optima™.

  1. Michael Strawn
    April 29, 2016 at 10:39 am

    Very good!! I will look forward to seeing the changes.


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