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A New Year and New Opportunities

AuthorFirst off, I want to thank all of our customers, trusted vendor partners, and all of my fellow Optimites for a great 2015. As I type this, many folks in the St. Louis area are still recovering from the unprecedented rain we had a week or so back. The rain gauge at my house registered about 9.5” in three days and unfortunately, that volume of water caused many a nasty situation. But true to form in the Midwest, I saw some Optima employees step up and do some pretty impressive things to keep the wheels turning and kudos to the die hards that came in on Sunday, the 3rd of January, to knock out a number of projects and some emergency opportunities that a few customers threw our way.

Many who know me deal with (or have dealt with) my sense of observational humor and my attempt to always find the positive and opportunity in front of us. Life is full of silver linings when you choose to see them and I was raised to look for opportunity and little victories that are always around us. So, I sat back this morning over a cup of coffee and reflected on the year in preparation for a kick-off meeting with my sales team.

Without much effort, I came up with a list of 27 accomplishments or little victories executed by my co-workers. My intent is not to rah rah Optima in anyway, but comment that when focused on doing our jobs and getting things done – opportunity to improve, change, and excel is always sitting around us and in the moment, a small victory might be cool for a second or two, but life forces us back to the grind stone. It is easy to hit that single, move on, and not appreciate what has just occurred. Those singles add up. They fuel our day/week/month and drive all of our businesses forward.

AuthorI ask you to stop for a second and think about what you or your co-workers accomplished in little victory form this past year and appreciate them. Heck, feel free to go give some high fives and a thank you or two. Personally, I suck at remembering to say thank you for the little stuff. A simple New Years resolution just popped up there folks – stop and say thank you….

So, now as we look forward into the New Year, Exhibitor Show is not far away and we are jumping into a hectic time of the year. From a sales standpoint – sweet – that chaos is the sound of money and every one of our businesses has new opportunities to go assist our customers and excel at what we do. Not a business in the industry is perfect, but our industry is filled with scrappy rapscallions who figure out how to ‘get it done’ and I think that ‘get r done’ part is fun.

Thanks again for your business. Good luck selling this year and keep an eye out for some exciting new stuff and some exciting blasts from the past. Happy Happy and Merry New Year!

About the Author

Dave Brown is the Vice President of Sales at Optima™.
He has been in the Trade Show industry since the early 90s.

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