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Getting Customers To Come To Your Door

AuthorHalloween is this week, and it got me thinking about ‘trick or treating’ as a kid. Going to each door to load up on candy was always a fun time and sugar windfall.

That memory led me to think about Marketing, and customer engagement, and getting the prospect to come to you, to your door so to speak. Clearly I need to get a hobby or something, but that really did happen ☺

Speaking of Marketing as a discipline, I highly recommend reading Inbound Marketing, from Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, the co-founders of Hubspot. I’m reading a bit of the book each day, and there are lots of thought provoking ideas in there about getting prospects to come to the door, i.e. Inbound Marketing.

They take on subjects like making your website a central hub, creating what they call “remarkable” content, blogging, the use of SEM, social media, visual content sites, LinkedIn, moving prospects to leads and leads to customers. Author It’s a great read for anyone in our field as we all are moving with the changing times in Marketing. Certainly, the landscape has done a 180 since my career began. We used to rely solely on outbound marketing (direct mail, email blasts, tv, radio, billboard) to start the customer conversation. Not anymore. Now we combine what we did traditionally with this new discipline.

I know Optima is always thinking about how to delight and retain our current customers, as well as their end clients. That’s always job number one. If you are in Sales or Marketing (and we all are on some level) Give this book a read, I hope it helps you engage, retain and find new customers.

Please share how your marketing efforts have been evolving!

About the Author
Matt Jennings is the Director of Sales at Optima™.

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