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If You Deliver Value, They Will Come

AuthorIt’s not an easy thing to be the office new hire. At least not for me. I was always the new kid in school and I really was not a fan of it. New place, new faces, new ways of doing things. You’ve been there….you leave a company and an industry that you had been immersed in for a long time – in my case 14 years- to join one where you are “the new guy”. Generally I find a proposition like this about as appealing as your average root canal. But if you want to grow in your career in today’s corporate world, sometimes change is necessary.  

So when I set about looking for a new opportunity, there were a few non-negotiables that I wanted. I wanted to work for a company that helped businesses attracted new customers as well as retain the current ones. I wanted a company that helped its customers to grow and to become successful. I wanted a company that understood the critical relationship to the customer.

AuthorWhen you tell folks you’re in “sales”, some wince like they just banged their kneecap on something. “Oh I could never do Sales” –they’ll say. Well me either, at least not the sales they have in mind. I have never identified with the old persona of a “used car” salesmen. Nothing against folks that sell used cars, but you know the connotation. Slick talking, hard close, the topic of value is to be avoided. Too many of us think that what sales is.

I was raised in business a bit differently. The most important lesson I’ve learned to date is that everyone is in sales, and everyone is in service. We are all marketers, and representatives of our company. All the disciplines are intertwined, no one more important than the other, because only together can they deliver value and value is the key differentiator. That’s what I gravitate toward – provide solutions, build a relationship with a customer, and watch them prosper. Enjoy the growth you had a part of. Build Value for the customer, the company and yourself.

So with each interview I would ask myself: Does that organization sell from a customer service position, or as the “used car” guy? Is the customer’s success really the priority, or is a just tag line in their mission statement. Whose growth are they most concerned with?

Here’s what I know about Optima. They care about their customer’s growth. They care about helping the customer be as successful as possible. They get that the customer’s success is central to their own. The customer wins, we win. That’s the most important way we build value. It’s a big part of why I chose to come work here.

About the Author

Matt Jennings is the Director of Sales at Optima™.

  1. melmwhite
    August 21, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    Welcome aboard Matt. It was a pleasure getting to know you at SKU.

  2. August 22, 2015 at 12:39 pm

    Not bad for the new guy. Haha, just kidding, nicely put Matt, welcome to the Optima family!

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