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I Already Miss Summer

AuthorI was doing some yard work last weekend when I saw something that freaked me out a little bit. There was a single bright red leaf on the maple tree in my front yard. In the fall, this tree is spectacular – it literally looks like it’s on fire when the leaves change color! But the thing that bothered me now was the realization that our summer would be ending pretty soon.

I’ve always loved our autumns in the Midwest but our summers in St. Louis can be a bit uncomfortably humid (to put it mildly). In fact, these last weeks of July and early August are known as the “Dog Days of Summer” which I just learned has something to do with Sirius / The Dog Star aligning with the sun. I had always thought it was referring to the way a dog’s tongue hangs so low this time of year.

But I have to admit, I am getting to be more and more of a fan of summer. So on that note, the following are 10 things that I really love about summer and that I will really miss when this summer season is over.

  1. Golf on TV…I actually prefer playing golf in the Fall and Spring but golf on television is a great excuse to spend my Sunday on the couch and the PGA Championship is coming up!
  2. The 4th of July…what can I say except…America!
  3. Watching fireflies and listening to tree frogs chirping right after the sun goes down…while drinking an ice cold beer!
  4. Barbecue…this goes great with beer, also!
  5. Author

  6. Watermelon…doesn’t pair well with beer.
  7. Home grown tomatoes…probably pretty good with beer, also.
  8. Cutting the grass. Yes I actually like it! I like the way it looks when it’s freshly cut and I like the smell. And mowing is kind of therapeutic too and when you are done…there’s cold beer!
  9. Ted Drewes frozen custard. If you’re not from STL, you wouldn’t get this one so here’s a link to help you understand
  10. The kids are out of school…which means I have less traffic to fight in the morning when I commute to work.
  11. Air Conditioning. Sure fresh air is great but if you live in St. Louis and it’s 100* outside with 80% relative humidity, there’s something magical about walking into an ice cold (and dark) movie theatre. Going to the movies isn’t quite as much fun when the weather is mild or when it’s cold outside.


Now, these are in no particular order and I’m sure I have probably overlooked some really good ones so feel free to share your favorites in the comments below and I will consider possibly editing my list.

In the meantime, I have some vacation time coming up and I am really looking forward to enjoying a few of the above while there’s still time…Happy Dog Days everyone!

About the Author
Mark Nardoni is a Strategic Account Manager at Optima Graphics.
He has been in the Trade Show industry since the early 90s.
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