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You’re pretty cocky to write this about a customer

AuthorHave you ever been in a slump? Whether it’s for a day, week, month . . . longer? I have been, and I must say it only takes one good conversation, one new customer, one new opportunity, one new solution to turn everything around.

Recently I met with a customer who seemed deflated and uninterested in selling; essentially burnt out. I hadn’t met with this customer for a while, maybe 18 months, that’s a long time. They were always too busy working on existing projects to meet with me. The timing was finally right and we were able to schedule a meeting, I was excited to see them, to catch up and share the latest and greatest we have to offer

At the beginning of our meeting I was concerned, this customer has traditionally been energetic and excited about the next big opportunity, but not that day. As the meeting progressed, things improved, there were several a-ha moments, even moments when the customer said “I wish I would have known this 8 months ago” (I was thinking to myself, I wish you would have taken my past 3 meeting invites.) When we finished reviewing everything, including some of their current project needs (resulting in 3 new quotes) I was told that they had some new ideas and they were excited to share these solutions with their clients. Needless to say, it was nice to see and hear!

AuthorWhat I learned from this is that we’re all busy, and we certainly can’t meet with every supplier. However, when you have a partnership, you should make time for that business partner, otherwise, you may never know what you’re missing and how it may make your life easier. Stay up-to-date and stay relevant, and in return, you’ll grow your business.

*******Now, you may be thinking, “You’re pretty cocky to write this about a customer”. Just to clear up any controversy, this particular customer suggested I use them as an example and I asked them if I could utilize this experience as a blog post, they agreed and said next time I call them for a meeting, they’ll make time.

Call with any needs, let’s make some time.

About the Author
Gina Porcaro is an Account Executive with Optima™. She has been in the Trade Show industry since 2003.

  1. haydenmcmanus
    May 22, 2015 at 12:39 pm

    Thanks for sharing! This is a great reminder.

  2. Gary Camarato
    May 18, 2016 at 8:49 am

    Reblogged this on Optima Graphics Blog.

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