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Right From The Start!

gary Your projects are the lifeblood of a growing business and its imperative that everything go as smoothly as possible. With all the chaos that comes with organizing an event or creating a top-level exhibit experience for your customer, nothing can be left to chance. At Optima, we recognize that there are a lot of irons in the fire and do our best to bring order to our customers lives.

Building an exhibit is a lot like planting a tree…if you keep it growing straight from a sapling it’s a lot easier than trying to right the trunk when its grown over your head! For Optima, we look at the first contact information and the initial graphic files as the seeds and saplings of your next exhibit order.

We can work together as a team to make sure your next exhibit is a success by getting things right from the start! Using correct spec sheets and/or drawings, double-checking for specs, sharing expectations with your account representative along with detailing all the necessary information on a standardized PO will help Optima provide a chaos-free, successful outcome.

treeOptima provides many specs on our Optimagfx.com website, in addition to Purchase Orders and File Prep Guides, we have countless Templates and a full array of Set-Up Instructions. We have also banked specs for nearly every system or portable product on the market. If we can help work with you and your team to standardize the delivery of the information necessary for a right-from-the-start approach, please let us know and we will do whatever it takes.

By working together, our trade partnership will be as strong as the tallest oak tree and our shared customers confidence in that strength will endure.

About the Author
Gary Camarato is the Vice President of Marketing & Creative Development at Optima™ and has been in the Trade Show industry since 1992.

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