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WOW! That Just Blew My Mind

AuthorEvery year at Exhibitor and Global Shop it’s a chance for buyers, industry experts and plain ole peons like me to see new ideas, the best of the best, trendsetters and even the same ole same ole of products and services that our industry offers. This year was no exception with Exhibitor prominently displaying every conceivable way to bend, construct and manipulate aluminum extrusion to get the most out of tension fabric displays. Global Shop, following suit two weeks later, promoted countless ways to backlight, edgelight and even front light fabric images for window and POP displays.

There was one righteous sixties style fabric product launched at Exhibitor, new to the US market that was heavy, groovy and extremely copacetic. I refer to the Luminous Textile panels that are bringing the walls and ceilings of exhibit space, office interiors, retail and corporate events to life in Europe. The concept integrates programable multi-colored LED’s with high quality textile fabrics, rich in color and feel, built into a totally customizable aluminum frame that also has sound softening capabilities. WOW! That just blew my mind and totally freaked me out.

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Optima Graphics has partnered with Display Lighting to bring this product to the United States. Check out the website and video below. If you are looking to transform your trade show, event space, blank canvas, office interior or retail environment into a dynamic display pushing imagery, color and movement that will attract, inspire and delight your prospects/visitors or customers – give me a call.

Did I mention that the graphic program is completely customizable with rentable units? Rentable! WOW! That just blew my mind and totally freaked me out.

About the Author

Bob Moser is a Strategic Account Manager at Optima Graphics.
He has been in the Trade Show industry since 1998.

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