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Top 10 – Ten Years Going Strong

There is a top ten list for just about everything these days, so I thought why not one more?

Here is a random compilation of ten things that, in my twisted opinion, are even better after ten years. Ten years old and still going strong!

10. Category Foods and Drink – Taylor Fladgate’s 10-Year-Old Tawny Port. Blended from Tawny’s reserves of old cask aged Ports matured in lodges on Portugal’s Atlantic coast. Pair with chocolates and good friends after a meal and see why it’s number ten on our list.

9. Category Music – Mr. Brightside – The Killers.
OKAY – there was a lot of bad music in 2005 but there was a bright side, and one song that holds up after ten years is Mr. Brightside from the Killers, wailing out of nearly every teenage girl’s guitar hero. It’s not number 9 from the Beatles but it’s 9 here.

8. Category Social Media – YouTube is born.
We all laughed and didn’t get it when we first saw a bulldog riding a skateboard. Today, if you’re putting a motor together or fixing a sink you are probably watching a YouTube video on it first. From industry news to your nephews unicycle race, YouTube is ten years strong and number 8 on this list.

7. Category Sports – Frank Gore “The Inconvenient Truth” 10 years ago, he was a third-round draft pick. Ten years later and Frank is a 5-time pro bowler and, in 2014, became only the 29th player in NFL history to rush for 10k yards. I don’t know football like most of you but if you have FG on your fantasy football roster you have number 7 in Ten Years Running Strong!

6. Category Movies – Walk The Line with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon.
Starts out with a scene reliving the 1968 performance at Folsom State Prison and takes us through the life of the man in black. It’s cool, it’s tough, it’s about love and guts and grit and it’s as American as apple pie – all in 136 minutes. WTL is as good today as it was ten years ago. If you have not seen it, download it because Walk The Line is number 6.

5. Category Science – Singing Mice are Sexy.
OK… only in Mizzoura – I got this one from the Guardian.com, which states in an online post from 2005 that Tim Holy and Zhongsheng Guo at Washington University School of Medicine in Missouri discovered that mice construct complex songs and sing them when they come across sex pheromones. Well duh…if they did it back then they are still doing it today. I tried to stay away from the blue side of life as this is a family friendly blog but I can’t leave out an important scientific breakthrough like this. Especially since its from the home team here in MO. Singing sexy mice is number 5.

4. Category Technology – Solar Shingles from Dow.
Yep, the same people who brought us the dreaded STYROFOAM™ used in portable coolers. We love the white ones that disintegration on float trips or, in more upscale service, sustaining organs in transport. Solar Shingles were introduced in 2005 after Dow developed a thin film solar photovoltaic roof shingle. These new fangled dwelling toppers can be integrated with traditional shingles and cost less than other solar panels. Easy to install and helpful with keeping your bills down, I am surprised these are not as mainstream as standard shingles.
Probably being kept a secret by the utilities companies. The lesser-known Solar Shingle sits warmly at the number 4 slot.

3. Category Literature – Everything Bad Is Good For You, Steven Johnson
Everyone knows that watching too much TV and playing Video Games is bad for you…or is it? This deep bungee jump into the dark spaces of popular culture diversions bounces back with the exploration that pop culture may indeed be superior to traditional culture. You may not agree with what you read but it is even more relevant today with all our social networking, multi-tasking and gadget goofiness. Placed at number 3 as being more ‘today’ than it was in 2005 is EBIGFY by SBJ.

2. Category Art
Ten years ago some really questionable art from Ringo Starr hit the world. Is It Time, Hat Man, Bad Finger and Night Boy, among others, are – well Art. Five years of art school and I am not sure what to think of this stuff. Is it good? Is it bad? Who knows but it’s exactly the same as it was ten years ago. Some people like it. I like it 2.

1. Category Portable Modular Display

Xpressions® SNAP!™ – The original instant pop-up hit that changed the face of the portable industry overnight. After 10 years of development and solid quality and design improvements, the Xpressions® SNAP!™ is only getting better! Don’t settle for anything less than number 1.

So there you have it… a random list of top ten, ten-year-old superstars including one shameless plug! What would you add?
Thanks for your indulgence and your business!

About the Author
Gary Camarato is the Vice President of Marketing & Creative Development at Optima™ and has been in the Trade Show industry since 1992.

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