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AuthorAs the Exhibitor show approaches we are all ready to head west in hopes of some warm weather and a little fun in the sun. Any temperature over freezing is reason to celebrate and count the days until Spring.

It has been a busy 2015 show season and Exhibitor will be no different. There is plenty to do and lots to see at the show. You need to find out what’s new, what are the latest trends, and who your partners are for your next project? As you work the show floor, please take a moment to stop by our No Chaos booth to answer these questions and to learn how strong a resource Optima can be.

Optima’s disciplines include Print, Fabrication, Creativity and Technology. This is how we go to market to support our customers. At our core, we are the print experts. No matter what the size, the structure, or the display we can provide a print solution. We have improved our print processes across the board with emphasis in dye sublimation, uv direct print and lambda. We continue to differentiate from the competition by producing “WOW!” graphics and establishing Optima “Best In Class” in color.

Secondly, we have the resources to create your next display. We have full time Graphic and Display Designers available to assist on your next creative project. This could include a simple rendering to a full scale proposal layout. We would like to take your drawing or sketch and create the display. This may include a Panoramic® structure with full wrap graphics to a customized solution.

AuthorLastly, we fabricate aluminum structures in house. We offer many off the shelf and custom aluminum frames. We even provide Rental Hanging Structures. Additionally, we don’t discriminate. Even if we did not make it, we can still skin it. Tension Fabric is one of our fastest growing segments with leads times to match. Keep an eye out for 2” tubing in the very near future.

So enjoy Exhibitor 2015 and stop by to discuss our No Chaos theory, check out our Panoramic® booth, see What’s New, and review our display solutions for your next project. I think you will agree we are strong, we are Optima Strong. We bring order to your chaotic life.

About the Author

Kevin Okon is an Account Executive at Optima Graphics.
He has been in the Trade Show industry since 2004 and in Sales since the mid-90s.

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