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Go With Your Gut

garyWhen your reputation is on the line go with your gut. I acted on that same advice years ago when faced with a decision on price or principal and I have never looked back. Details aside, I still hear that inner voice telling me to go with my gut. It has saved me in the long run many times.

Faced with so many choices these days, we often damage our good decision-making based on the manipulations tactics of others. Always consider the source! Trust yourself. The most important thing to remember is that your gut is not just some arbitrary bandigook of electrons firing in your brain – its your instinct kicking in primal-style based on your experiences – all that knowledge you carry around in the unconscious as well as the conscious.Yugo We don’t need to be burned by fire twice and we don’t even need to think about it… your gut tells you… fire, hot = hurt. My sister-in-law bought a Yugo in the late 80s. It was the last one anyone who knew anyone who knew her ever purchased.

Eleven years ago, some of the brightest minds in our industry took some known and unknown display elements and mixed them together in a new creative way. (You all know who you are BH, FF, JH, DSB, RS) 🙂 Xpressions® pop-up was born and the consumer was known to say WOW! After a few years of developing and improving that line, the
Xpressions®SNAP!™ was born and remains the patented product and best option. End-users love the look and convenience as well as the quality and durability of the frame and graphics.

YugoXpressions®SNAP!™ launched hundreds of exhibit designs or skin configurations designed by yours truly and my good buddy Tony Schmitt. Customers loved the variety and ability to combine and configure these designs into new and exciting lightweight portable displays. We all know that in todays environment, all our creative exhibit designs are being stolen and shopped out for a cheaper quote every day. People don’t have the integrity any longer to respect an artist’s creation. The result is that creativity is devalued and that brings our entire industry down. Try it in the music industry and experience the polar opposite reactive kookiness. Somewhere in the middle three words exist: integrity, respect and professionalism.

einsteinAfter working hard to create the original Xpressions®, configuring creative designs for it and maintaining quality standards, it starts to get personal. When I see one of my configurations on a broken knock-off frame with sagging graphics that are not stretching in both directions and connected cleanly it triggers that icky sick feeling you get when you feel sorry for someone. Then I move on and take a higher road. But when I make my next investment, I’ll think back and before opening my wallet, will reflect quickly and go with my gut.

About the Author
Gary Camarato is the Vice President of Marketing & Creative Development at Optima™ and has been in the Trade Show industry since 1992.

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