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Being #1 – Because It’s Worth It

garyFight for First or Don’t Bother
Being the absolute best or first at anything sets you up to be the benchmark or the rival of all your competition. No UFC fighter gets in the ring thinking I want to be number two – it’s coming out first or nothing. As soon as you hold a title, three rested competitors are gunning for you, period. What does anyone in the number one position continue to do? They train, learn, work harder, develop, evolve and build on the foundation that was yesterday’s zenith.

Get There, Stay There, Done That
Over the last 22 and a half years, I have seen Optima evolve from being number #1 in many arenas. Primarily, we have offered first or “come along with the best” in every print process demanded by our industry. As a company dedicated to creating graphics for every system available, and not just for the hardware we sell, a unique company was born. Leading as a graphics first company, “Have a Structure? We Can Skin It!” became our motto. Possessing so many different processes in-house necessitated us pioneering color management for large and grand format printing. Till the mid 90s, many deemed color management unnecessary. Today, Optima is putting more energy and resources into getting most out of our state-of-the-art equipment and we are educating our experts ongoing. As we became the industry leader in service, turnaround and overall response time we realized that we built the model for our competition to study. As exhibit resellers were faced increasingly with demanding and unreasonable requests, Optima worked harder to bring order to our client’s chaotic lives. Doing something from nothing with less time actually created our special teams of graphics professionals – baptism by fire. Many of these people are running our operations today with that same mentality and better equipment.

Being #1 isn’t easy. We know it. We live it. We deliver it year after year. Sometimes you drop to second or third place and you have to roll up your sleeves and work hard to regain the lead. Many times the toughest competition is yourself.

picSUPER, Now How About…
When I looked at our Super Select large format dye sub last year it took me by surprise. I thought our large format was incredible, consistent and the best on the market. (Yeah, it could be said I have to say that but I really believed it.) When compared to Super Select, the old was just not even a close second…more of a third. We jumped two spots on the podium to create a new #1 in large format. Customers quickly recognized the improvement and after they expressed their approval on their new selling opportunities, the first thing that many of them asked was “when could you do this with Colossus Grand Format Dye Sublimation?” As mentioned you have to keep moving forward!

The Optima team took everything we learned in 2014 in color management and output a techno-geekdom side and along with added training, some lab explosions and upgrades to top-secret squirrel stuff I don’t comprehend, our experts invented a totally New Colossus Print process for 2015. If you were one of the visionaries asking our Optima road warriors when it would happen… it is now! We have it today so if you have not seen it yet, call your Account Exec and ask for a comparative demo. Order your next proof or job on Optima Colossus grand format and see for yourself. I believe Optima truly is #1 in Color and Print. It’s a lot of work staying on top. It’s a bigger investment and commands a premium investment on all parties but when the results of a customer’s exhibit absolutely must be the best, go with #1. Why? Because it’s worth it!

Thanks for reading and for all your business

About the Author
Gary Camarato is the Vice President of Marketing & Creative Development at Optima™ and has been in the Trade Show industry since 1992.

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