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sales, Sales, SALES!

authorI do not get out of the office much to see customers… I’m protected…ha!

So, when we have a sales meeting like we did recently, I make sure I sit in to observe, listen and learn.

It is very interesting to see a salesperson’s point of view of the industry. Most of the time it is a great gig. At times, though, it sounds like they are alone on a small island with water rising, sharks circling, and the sun is setting.

No matter the struggles, our sales team proves daily that they are working for our customers. The knowledge, experience and know-how they have is staggering.

Here is a list of true statements that our sales team is armed with:

  • We have certified experts in the color arena, and regularly have customers who comment that we are No. 1 in Color!
  • author

  • Optima is a Premium Brand supported by Quality Service.
  • We are brimming with SEG experts on our staff.
  • We are now UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified for your peace of mind and safety.
  • We’ve made a business out of printing graphics for your systems.
  • Add us to the “influence stage” of your projects for knowledgeable help from the start.
  • You need it. We can do it.
  • No Chaos! Bringing order to your chaotic world.

We’ve built our business on these types of statements and continue to expand and refine them.
We have your back. Our back is strong! Let us prove it.

About the Author Derek Leftridge is the Marketing Coordinator of Optima™. He has been involved in many aspects of the Trade Show Industry since 1993. He is now involved in Social Media and E-Marketing for Optima™. Other posts by Derek

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