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2015 is here – Can you believe it?

AuthorTo start off with, I hope your Holiday season was enjoyable and provided some relaxation and rest (except for those of you who have been knee deep in CES). I was asked to write a recap of last year and a kick off for 2015. This sounds cliché, but is so true – 2014 was a packed year yet it went by me in a blur.

The first thing about the year that jumps out at me is my appreciation for my co-workers – yes, the customer is always first, but I am fortunate to work with some pretty great and pretty unique people. So a big thanks to all my fellow Optimites for the dedication and hard work put in during the year. The year was full of process improvement, printing advancements, and I can’t overlook our little buddy Tac-Tac.

Then I think about all the great customers we have – Sharon, Jacob, Tom, Steve, Diane, Pam, Justin, Rayna, Stan, Michael, Rene, Mike, Debra, Reid, Rick, Jim, Susan, Kim, Dave, Mary, Annie, Patty, Kevin… well it is a pretty long list of folks who not only write my paycheck, but make my job interesting and professionally rewarding. Author Some of the folks listed above I have now known for 20 years – that is right 20 years. We have seen many changes in the industry during this time and there have been two constants – the first being change itself (it never stops) and the second being the fact that as an industry, y’all are a pretty tenacious group. The show must always go on and no matter what happens – you will make sure your customer has the best possible exhibit and experience possible! The loyalty and dedication to pull off the impossible and the sheer will to ensure your customer has a good experience has always amazed me. This is an industry that does not settle for “I guess it looks ok”, or “close enough”. This is an industry looking for flawless experiences and I have a tremendous amount of respect for that.

AuthorSo as we launch into 2015 I know we will launch some new items, discover some surprise hits during the year (what will be the “Tac Tac” of 2015???), and share with you some further advancements in print capability, but there will be a friendly constant – YOU. I appreciate and respect everyone listed above and about 537 more people who I did not name. So let’s go make 2015 a banner robust year and if you have any suggestions or requests as to how Optima could better support you – please shoot me an e-mail as I always appreciate the feedback on how we can better serve!

Happy New Year everyone!

About the Author

Dave Brown is the Vice President of Sales at Optima™.
He has been in the Trade Show industry since the early 90s.

  1. Joan
    January 9, 2015 at 3:51 pm

    Always remember when listing “great customers” to be inclusive. Feelings can be hurt if you leave someone out of the list!


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