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Duck, duck, goose…

AuthorNo, despite the rumors, I am not starting a new foodie blog. Those few words overheard at a recent dinner put the title on a topic that seems like it would be second nature. As I have seen recently, there can be a big difference between a perfectly flowing display & graphic project verses one that just spits and sputters like a too-hot pot of southern corn grits.


Almost like learning a foreign language, the “official” terms we use in the print world and the “temporary” library of terms used during a specific project, as well as what we all know when used with friends and family outside the industry, have those folks sometimes looking at us like we are from a land far, far away. Well, in my case, they usually say another planet.

These key words that help us all perform our industry tasks can take on so much importance in the heat of the moment that many times we may need to remember to have a vocabulary meeting as part of the project kick-off. This could include being sure all parties are speaking that same language. Heard that before? Thought so.

Luckily at Optima, we have a few tools in our library to help. For example, we have the Xpressions® graphic Skin Vocabulary PDF document found on the recently updated and all new Xpressions®snap™ website.

imageOr how about just a complete review of the various accepted industry Print Process terms?

While a review of these terms may seem like going back to school, I am frequently reminded that across the industry there are a variety of “dialects” spoken. Knowing the language of your go-to vendors can really be the difference in the smooth sailing we are all looking for in every project.

The other language we frequently come across is what I mentioned as “temporary” – the terms only being used for (and possibly specific to) one particular project – both large and small. These may be working terms within your organization shared with project managers, designers and the end-user.

During a recent project, a designer kept using the term “flight-path” and causing a bit of confusion with our estimation department. I came to find out the term referred to the artwork the design department used for all of the overhead hanging signs and not the runway-looking aisle running through the middle of the booth space. A big “aha” moment heard for all involved.

So as I mentioned, going to school and having that vocabulary class is a huge help to all involved and too often overlooked.

Are there any terms or “foreign languages” we can help you with or that you would like to share?
We are all ears!

About the Author
Tony Ricci is an Account Executive at Optima Graphics.
He has been in the Trade Show industry since 1994.

  1. Mark Nardoni
    December 2, 2014 at 10:34 am

    good stuff tony!

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