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Did I Miss Something?

AuthorIt’s been about 8 months since I switched roles at Optima when I accepted a position as Account Executive for our mid-mountain sales territory. When I came on board at Optima a little more than four years ago, I was tasked with developing customers who defined themselves as Event or Experiential Marketing Companies. Not so strange considering the previous nine or so years I worked for a company that worked with these companies, almost exclusively.

Well as many of you probably know we’ve been making some changes here at Optima and I now find myself working with a somewhat larger and more diverse group of customers. Many of whom (if not most) would define themselves as trade show, display and exhibit companies. Many of whom had been Optima customers for a good many years. No big deal right? I actually cut my teeth in custom digital print working mostly with Exhibit and Display Companies and I figured my approach with my new customers would be bringing them a fresh perspective, possibly a different view beyond what they would normally think of as typical, Optima. I also, believed a lot of our customers were probably in a rut and only thought of us for some very specific product niches…actually their sales history kind of told me that story.

optimaSurprisingly, I am learning that a lot of of our longtime customers have some mistaken preconceptions about what Optima is and this is turning out to be possibly my greatest challenge. Another challenge has been sometimes trying to cover too much information in the amount of time that we had planned to spend meeting. Obviously I don’t want to insult my customer who thinks they know all about us but I’m finding more and more this really isn’t the case. In fact when presenting to these long time Optima customers I often hear, wow, I didn’t know guys did that?

On that note, there is a lot of opportunity and value to be gained by becoming better acquainted with our capabilities and I’ve had several customers who found a visit to our facility really was a game changer for them. It gave them a real hands on sense of how Panoramic® works and they also, realized that our Tube Frame Bending and Welding would open quite a few doors for them with customers. They also, really enjoyed The City of St. Louis around their visit to Optima.

That said, I realize I still have a lot of work to do and for those who are not planning to visit us anytime soon I want to make you some promises:

I will do my best to bring relevant topics to every one of our meetings and work with you to find solutions which will help you build and grow your businesses.

I will ask; what is most important to you? I am here to serve you as a resource and I want to ask you (our customers) to feel free to challenge us with your unique projects. Optima is so much more than banner stands, table throws and pop ups and we have a great group of experts available to bring your customer’s latest “unique idea” to life.

All that said, please, don’t be concerned about telling me if I’ve “missed something”…it’s happened before.

About the Author

Mark Nardoni is a Strategic Account Manager at Optima Graphics.
He has been in the Trade Show industry since the early 90s.

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