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inTouch as a Business Proposition

AuthorThis past Monday, we had a customer and end client come to STL to review inTouch™ – the need was for an inTouch™ Table for five shows and inTouch™ Apps for approx 35 sales reps as a starting point. The end client really wanted to sit and take her time talking about the “concept” of technology and how she would use it to better her program, better their sales performance, and better her value proposition within her company. I am paraphrasing what she said, but she wants to get rolling and have one at a September show and then at an October show with a private event in the middle.

Before we even turned the table on, we talked for an hour-plus and brainstormed how she would structure the visuals and files to differentiate two distinct divisions that are often confused by their clients. Her sales team is faced with a mountain of sales slicks, so the print order for those shows is being canceled and no lit will be shipped. She said they typically bring too much to be safe, then recycle any leftovers afterwards – a 4k savings in her estimation (just for two shows!). The two divisions each focus on customer acquisition and customer retention so she asked if we could structure a survey that segmented the two divisions and two separate needs. Yep. Easy. Then, she asked, “can you prep a file so we can export to our CRM and can we do it each day of the show?” Sure – let’s schedule the data-pull as part of the project integration and per show dial in the data pull times based on the close of the show hall. Easy. “If we can do this and I am in for 35-40K, shoot me a formal quote and suggestion on organizing the home screen and we have a deal. This thing has quite the biz prop – I want it.”

AuthorWhen we went and turned the table on and she was a kid in a candy store. She drove, learned the navigation, and ten minutes later we were off to lunch. I learned a valuable lesson – take your time talking about the strategy and what the results are that you want to achieve. When you know the strategy and can plan to demonstrate the results – the whiz bang flashy blinky interactive fun is icing on the cake.

inTouch™ offers you a business proposition that yields a more efficient and successful selling process. When I asked if I could quote her directly and profile her in the blog – she smiled and said no. Ma’m you are killing me – your company name and personal story is gold. “What if my counterpart in our Tradeshow program reads this and gets to our boss first to propose inTouch™ – nope, not gonna happen.”

She is taking full credit for the big salad. I get it – everyone wants to show they bring value to the organization and being recognized as the innovator is pretty cool and rewarding! So may she get the big salad, present it to her boss, and then feed their sales force with specific client overviews and look like the hero! (And to be honest – sounds like a pretty good plan to me.)
Happy selling everyone.

About the Author

Dave Brown is the Vice President of Sales at Optima™.
He has been in the Trade Show industry since the early 90s.

  1. Todd Gurley
    September 6, 2014 at 10:52 am

    Awesome Dave! Intouch sounds like a great tool that keeps the experience interesting and engaging, the right combination for providing information!

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