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Pano Lever Lock – – Time Is Money


garyLast week I shared a story then asked the question, are using the right tool for the job?

It’s interesting how even the right tool for a job can be made better just with a simple innovation.
Examples are all around us, including utilitarian design like a more ergonomic handle on your coffee pot or creating office chairs that have mesh support so you can sit longer and feverishly type blog posts without getting overheated.

I was looking at a Pronto™ Retractable Banner stand the other day and was reflecting on how that product has developed, even though it remains similar in look. Given that the product carries a lifetime warranty, it has been an advantage for everyone to improve quality without increasing cost. Optima™ made some simple improvements to the internal mechanism that improved durability in real-world use/travel situations.  Looking at the VBurst™, another hard working tool for the exhibit reseller, we dialed in the consistency of the build and created a specific torque spec to increase the reliability. The result is a frame that stays the course beyond the typical lifetime of a portable pop-up frame. We also innovated new frame hubs and created a backlit system that allows backlighting even on flat frames. In the case of both Xpressions® and Pronto™, simple set-up instructions and proper-use attention tags were added that provide your customers with visual and written tips that create a better consumer experience. User damage decreased significantly following the adoption of the on-unit info allowing you more time to focus on selling, not repairing.

As a result of more focus on 20×20 and larger island displays, we have become sensitive to the service and freight fees associated with big builds. ‘Time is money’ has never been a more true statement than on the show floor! Optima™ is moving a tremendous amount of Panoramic™ extrusion and we are skinning more extrusions from all the big players (and some brands you may have not heard of). We’ve learned a thing or two over the last five years and it’s clear that a speedy set-up and break down can save big bucks!

Panoramic Lever Lock
Panoramic Lever Lock

Last month, Optima™ began shipping Panoramic™ displays outfitted with new Lever-lock Corner Connectors. This new innovation replaces the previous connector that utilized a trio of tension wing nuts. The new Lever-lock Corner Connector was shown in tests to shorten set-up time by more than half! Break down is even quicker and when fully engaged, the new locks keep the extrusion in place better than the wing nuts that rely on all three points to be properly tightened. We know that this advancement in the Panoramic™ line will help our clients avoid unexpected labor costs while creating a well-built sturdy display. What’s next in line for improvement? We have a few things up our sleeve but if you have a pain point that we should be focusing on, please drop us a line. Thanks for taking the time to read our posts and as always, thank you for your business!

About the Author
Gary Camarato is the Vice President of Marketing & Creative Development at Optima™ and has been in the Trade Show industry since 1992.

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