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I am on my way to Exhibitor 2014. I have now worked the show for 11 consecutive years. I always tell people it is a trade show about tradeshows. It sounds like an episode of Seinfeld. Regardless, it is the premier show for our industry…the tradeshow industry, an industry built entirely on lead generation. The goal of each show is to add new customers in hopes of building a new source of revenue for your organization.

Optima™ is no different. Yes, we enjoy seeing our loyal customers, but we are also looking for ways to help our customers and grow our collective businesses. Additionally, we keep an eye out for leads for our customers. All Exhibitor vendors have their peacock feathers out attempting to attract new business to their booths.

Working a trade show booth is a little like a day of speed dating and looking for that perfect match. We quickly attempt to put each new person who approaches the booth into a bucket…customer, friend, foe, visitor or new prospect. A new LEAD is a walking, talking dollar sign, a potential match that must be qualified in a short amount of time. The dance begins. We all have our routine of qualifying questions at the ready to determine true interest in our product, service or company. It is a fun dance and one that will add to the bottom line, one that does provide ROI, and one that has built an entire industry.

AuthorI am hopeful we all will generate many qualified leads for this year’s show, leads that are turned into a recurring stream of revenue for our customers and, in turn, for Optima™. But don’t worry if you don’t find your perfect match at this show because there is always the next show…the next…and the next.

If you are looking to secure the Glengarry Glen Ross leads, please stop by our booth during the show (Booth 1829) to learn more about our inTouch™ Table and iPad Apps – just another way Optima™ continues to take the chaos out of your world while providing our customers Print, Design, Fabrication and Technology solutions.

Ref: Glengarry Glen Ross is a 1992 American drama, adapted by David Mamet from his 1984 Pulitzer Prize- and Tony-winning play of the same name, and directed by James Foley

About the Author

Kevin Okon is an Account Executive at Optima Graphics.
He has been in the Trade Show industry since 2004 and in Sales since the mid-90s.

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