AuthorThis year’s “Together we’re better, there is no ‘I’ in team”, Optima annual sales meeting, produced a stunning new advertising initiative that has me wondering if Optima has Fonzarellied out and jumped the shark. You know the meeting type all too well: new product launches, new and improved initiatives designed to drive the bottom line sky high, recently implemented – but never discussed – reporting mechanisms that are guaranteed to show you where you rank each and every second within the company and against your peers, who’s on top, who’s on bottom, and most important of all…just what are the snacks and beverage choices going to be for this year’s Exhibitor Reception??

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The Optima VIP Reception
Monday Night directly after the show
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Acacia Ballroom
The Four Seasons Hotel

Please come and network with your friends, colleagues and associates.
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Anyway I digress.. This year’s meeting focused on advertising initiatives and just where Optima would be spending it’s advertising budget. My mind immediately drifted off (or was it my head nodding in the beginning phases of rem sleep?), as the presenter rambled mindlessly on about the importance of brand identity, brand awareness, brand loyalty, and way too much bran in my diet and not enough fiber, I mused.

I became aware and semi conscious again as the discussion changed to effective advertising methods or ploys. One of my co-workers mentioned subliminal messaging and how back in the ’60’s James Vicary, a market researcher, caused a stir when he reported that he was able to increase popcorn sales at a New Jersey movie theater through subliminal messages built into the movie. This led to the modern practice of subliminal advertising, despite the fact that he admitted in 1962 that he was lying. Many still debate whether the experiment even took place!

I chuckled to myself, as I must now confess, that I am a practitioner of this form of mind control. In fact, this entire blog is laced with an underlying subliminal message about dye sublimation (go figure). I would imagine right about now you are experiencing a desire to reach out to me via my email with a request for information on our new dye sublimation fabric backlit graphic system or you have an unnatural craving for Reece’s Peanut Butter cups. I can’t remember exactly what I typed in my subliminal message.

Another co-worker brought up bringing in a celebrity spokesperson. Hmmm, I thought “Miley Cirus swinging from a wrecking ball with foam fingers pointed towards the Optima booth” has potential. “Justin Bieber, racing up and down Las Vegas Blvd with ‘Visit Optima’s VIP Reception’ plastered all over his Ferrari” has merit. Or how about “Dennis ‘The Worm’ Rodman”…I hear he has a pretty large following in North Korea. I even heard someone throw out the use of animated figurines ala Lego style. “Legos” I thought to myself… “they are kids toys and aren’t part of anyone’s culture, how could they sell?”

(continue reading below the video…)

It was finally decided, or told to us, that Optima would not give out raises, bonuses, or commissions this year in order to pay for a celebrity spokesperson. I am not allowed to divulge the identity of our celebrity spokesperson, but I can tell you that this individual is traveling to EuroShop next week with the team. It’s also rumored that he is working it pro-bono. Periodic and well-timed tweets about his/her experiences and any precarious situations or places that they get stuck in will be forthcoming. We could not afford to get them their own twitter account so they will be sharing Dave Brown’s at David Brown@dsbrownoptima. I would suggest or recommend or sub consciously message, that you follow Dave on Twitter, meet our celebrity spokesperson and decide for yourself if Dave has turned into Arthur Fonzarelli… AYYY!!!

About the Author

Bob Moser is a Strategic Account Manager at Optima Graphics.
He has been in the Trade Show industry since 1998.

  1. Gary Camarato
    February 14, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    Great Sales Meeting This Year!!!!! Lot’s of energy!

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