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2014 – To Infinity and Beyond


Now that we can say goodbye to 2013 and the seemingly never-ending holiday, we can look forward to a banner and robust 2014!

I believe we will see a few trends continue to blow up in 2014 and each will create selling and profit opportunities. I believe backlighting, attention to visuals / the desire for aluminum structure to be hidden behind those visuals, visuals on the floor (not logos and text, but imagery that collaborates with the exhibit and environment that is being created) and technology results will all be demands from end-users.

I look forward to Euroshop, Globalshop, and Exhibitor Show being held within a three week period and I am banking that all three shows will drive this trend. Our design team/R&D team and techie folks are diligently working on twists and clicks to support this. One area that I feel Optima™ is ahead of the curve is relative to technology results.

imageWhy do people go to Tradeshows? To get qualified leads who demonstrate a desire and time-table to buy! Call it ROI or whatever you want – people go to stimulate buying interest and inTouch™ helps assess buyer behavior and determine who that first follow-up call post-show will be. Optima™ spent north of seven figures in 2013 on equipment, facility upgrades, training and other investments to be ready for the ongoing trends noted above. And that will not stop in 2014 so we can support you in the goal of generating long-term profitable relationships with your customers.

Are you going to Euroshop?
Please let us know as we will be planning a reception in conjunction with Duo and would love to invite you. Please let us know. Happy 2014 everyone and happy selling.

About the Author

Dave Brown is the Vice President of Sales at Optima Graphics.
He has been in the Trade Show industry since the early 90s.

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