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The change in 9/11


I think we are all happy to see the kick off of the Fall crazy season – each and every one of us is feeling the impact of the uptick in activity and purchasing of anything and everything trade show. Kids go back to school and our world turns on its ear. This past Wednesday was the 12th anniversary of one of the more tragic and gut wrenching days in our country’s history. We all know exactly where we were, what we were doing, who we were with the fateful fall day, and the raw emotions of outrage and patriotism that ensued.

Optima started the day with an employee organized moment of silent to pay our respects, but what took me a day to realize is how things have changed since then. Quite simply, the country will NEVER forget, but will and has moved forward. AuthorThe day was not consumed by the event and remembrance and I even heard one or two people acknowledge that they were so busy that they did not realize it was 9/11. I pass no judgment in that statement, but have processed that it is healthy for the country to move forward and not to fixate and obsess on the negatives.

Many of us can share personal stories that make it all so real again – for me there was a several hour window of time where my cousin and his girlfriend were unaccounted for and I was scared – I mean scared as Jimi Brown is a great person. Fast forward, Jimi and Molly Brown have four beautiful children and can bring you to tears if they explain their version of 9/11, but their lives went forward and they have prospered after emerging from the debris clouds.

Let us never forget those who are important and why we value our country, but let’s keep on truckin forward. Thank you for your ongoing business and have a great weekend.

About the Author

Dave Brown is the Vice President of Sales at Optima Graphics.
He has been in the Trade Show industry since the early 90s.

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