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They Don’t Want A Pop-Up


In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had conversations with some AE’s around the country with a specific reoccurring phrase: “My client says they don’t want a pop-up”.  However, without knowing why, one could waste a lot of time giving “solutions” that keep hitting the client’s pain button.  So, in an effort to help, here are some possible solutions to offer based on the three of the most frequent responses to the question, “Why don’t you like pop-ups?”

Is a traditional pop-up too heavy for them?  I hear this a lot, and having wheeled around my fair share of full display cases, I can relate.  Most 10’ pop-ups with their shipping case are in that 80lbs+ area.  Perhaps something lighter, like the Twist (51 lbs), the VBurst (52 lbs), or the Pliko (60lbs) would be better for them.  It keeps them with a more traditional look, but helps lower the amount of trips to the chiropractor.

Another common answer I hear is the client doesn’t want to look like everyone else’s.  When you look at all of the different options out there, this one becomes pretty easy.  The Xpressions would be the simple choice.  There are dozens of 8′ and 10′ kits to choose from, and even with a case, you’re probably going to be under 35lbs.  Even the Navigator, which could also work as a weight alternative at 59lbs, can get pretty fun with the various curves and waves. As an added bonus, both of these systems work really well if a client wants to eventually expand into a 20′ space.

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The last reason I typically hear is also the trickiest to deal with:  The client wants to check their display as luggage and not get charged overweight or oversize baggage fees.  This really is two separate issues that have to be resolved with the overall weight (typically less than 50 lbs) as well as the size of the case (W+L+H has to be under 115″) .  To make matters even more complicated, each airline has its own policies as to what is overweight and oversized (I used United for the above example).  The safest bet is to choose a lighter weight display (Xpressions or VBurst make great examples) and a much smaller case (the Little Giant or the 31″ soft rolling case work).  These will generally keep you under 50lbs and well under the size limitation for the bag, but unless they are flying Southwest or have status with the airline they use, they should expect some bag fees regardless.  As always, you should advise your client to double-check with their airlines.

I hope this helps, especially with any newer AE’s out there. However, if you run into any other typical answers to why your client doesn’t like pop-ups, please leave them in the comments below.   I’d love to see some of the other challenges that get thrown your way.


About the Author
Tim Bonesteel is an Account Executive at Optima Graphics.
He has been in the Trade Show industry since 2004.

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