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Are you inTouch with your client’s appetite for technology?

garyExhibitors are hungry for technology. Attendees are familiar with and even expect to engage brands via touch screens, smart phones and through other technology based platforms. As a result, today’s exhibitors are scrambling to integrate technology like touch screens into their exhibit designs. The biggest challenge they face is the learning curve and many don’t have any idea how to get started.

inTouch interactive touch screen tables and walls make it easy! From shipping, set-up, content, integration and even full support, inTouch packages the entire experience for the exhibit seller and the exhibitor. Hassle Free.

Adding inTouch improves brand engagement by simplifying the exhibit experience for both the attendee and the exhibitor. Three content packages are cleverly designed to accept all your companies collateral and marketing presentations. There’s even a camera and built-in system to provide direct connection with your social media program. The entire content package presented in a familiar “app style” home page that will be styled to mimic your brand. When using the table split your screen for up to four attendees to take a survey or throw your images and videos up on to a nearby monitor for group presentations.

garyExhibitors love the usable analytics that make them look like superstars, improving R.O.I. with better lead qualification and follow-up tools. Speaking of apps, there’s also a cool inTouch app that can be added to your package and downloaded to your entire sales teams iPad!

The back-end reporting alone will make marketing professionals smile. How much you ask? Surprisingly, the overall investment is extremely competitive while offering way more relevant features than alternative systems.

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About the Author
Gary Camarato is the Vice President of Marketing & Creative Development at Optima Graphics and has been in the Trade Show industry since 1992.

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