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Spring Cleaning Your Business

Finally the weather is warming up and the sun is shining. Birds are singing in the morning and dew is forming on the revitalized green grass. Leaves are sprouting from trees and everything is starting to come back to life. What a great time of the year! This is the time of year we dig through our dresser drawers and put away winter clothes. We dust and clean with the windows open and stereo blaring. We make goals of getting in shape, getting tan and rocking poolside all summer long. We strip the winter dreary feeling away with a refreshed outlook on the summer ahead.

AuthorIt’s important to “spring clean” your business too. There are new companies popping up, old clients taking on new ventures and end-clients who are pushing the boundaries of what some of us consider “the norm” in our industry. Do you take this time of the year to check in with your favorite vendors to see what’s new? How about throw out old displays or revamp your existing showroom displays with brand new graphics? Now is a great time to dust off the light boxes and pop-up displays and add a few new pieces to your arsenal so that when clients come to visit they are exposed to the latest and greatest products available to take their company image to the next level.

Each Spring is a chance to reinvigorate ourselves, try new things, venture out and take chances we may not have the year prior. Time to snap out of the winter funk!! It’s my favorite time of the year!

This year I will be traveling with my band and playing shows – all while keeping an eye out for the next cool product or idea that I can apply to the tradeshow industry. I have had a couple of ah-ha moments, like with the Xpressions Connex. It’s not always about being able to sell something new. Sometimes, improving something existing can spark a few minds to create something really cool.

What’s your venture going to be?

Daniel Stefl
Estimation Department
Optima Graphics

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