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You can’t just sit at your desk

authorAs workloads increase it is hard to remember to get away from your desk, to walk around the office and see what is going on. I have this issue from time to time. Luckily I was able to get really far away last week and go to Global Shop.
Read about my experience here.

While at Global Shop, I noticed a lot of the same type of graphics and systems there that we produce in our own shop every day. I was surprised because I did not expect to see so many products we produce directed to the retail industry. This made me wonder what else I was missing. So, right then, I decided at least once daily to check out what is going on at our shop. Right away I learned something.

I know we do Tension Fabric/Tube Structures… I am involved in the marketing for goodness sake. But I did not know about the advancement in our graphic material for them. Two months ago we brought on Heavy Stretch so I did a little research on this material and here is what I found:

SubjectHeavy Stretch is ideal for tension graphics such as pillow casing and 
SEG frames. This material lends itself well to those applications due to its stretch and light-blocking properties. This material is not opaque! It holds color very well and has a slight sheen on the surface. It is used mainly with our Tension Fabric/Tube Structures like Navigator.

Material Specifications:

Material: 95% Polyester and 5% spandex and is a knit product.
Weight: 8.15oz/yd
Certified: F/R – NFPA 701 and CSFM title 19


  • Stretch properties allow graphic to contour frames far better than Celtic, Knit 9 or Brilliance
  • Good stretch recovery
  • Very good color saturation when relaxed as well as when it is under tension
  • Nice optic white base color
  • User friendly graphic installation
  • More opaque than Xpressions or Celtic which is good for somewhat hiding framework

So, on my first adventure away from my desk I discovered something new…something that shows we are always working behind the scenes to help make our customer’s lives hassle free. Just another example of how Optima has your back.

Now back to my desk. People are looking at me funny.

About the Author
Derek Leftridge is the Marketing Coordinator of Optima Graphics. He has
spent 20 years involved in many aspects of the Trade Show Industry. He is now
involved in Social Media and E-Marketing for Optima.

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