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Opportunity Knocks

Blogger PhotoThis spring I was given the wonderful opportunity to attend “Exhibitor 2013″ – World conference and exhibition for the trade show industry. – along with several other students from the Bemidji State University Exhibit Design program.

This experience far exceeded my initial expectations of the show. From a design student standpoint – inspiration and ideas begin running through my head from virtually every booth I visited at Exhibitor. It is not only a showcase of today’s best upcoming trends and technology, but also a thrilling experience to take in personally. I had not previously been to a trade show of this magnitude. Seeing all the booths set up prior to the shows opening gave me the opportunity to examine each booth carefully and really take everything in before the show opened up on Monday.

Being in the BSU Exhibit Design program, we are taught not only the technical trainings of the exhibit industry, but also the design and conceptual side – however, the show brought everything that I have been learning throughout the past 2 years to life – and in person. Seeing and feeling the beautiful structures and designs provided an experience that one cannot get from any training program out there.

ImageOne of the most exciting opportunities I was given while I was in Las Vegas was the time that I spent in the Optima Graphics booth. I spent a few hours each day of the show within the Optima booth meeting and talking with designers, staff, and clients. This was a great experience for me and I am very grateful to be given the opportunity by both Optima Graphics and Duo Display.
Optima Booth at Exhibitor 2013. Las Vegas, NV.

I look forward to visiting Exhibitor 2014 next spring and continuing my involvement within the Exhibit Design industry.

Nicholas Bruggeman
Graduate of Bemidji State University

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