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I Know a Guy [i]

As I get close to being with Optima for nine years [ii], I find myself still amazed at the amount of things that Optima has done and how it has grown. From all the different print types (dye-sublimation, direct to substrate, lambda, etc) to, now, bending metal structures to hang above your booth/sit right inside it [iii], and even offering technology solutions for people to present themselves better at their booth (the InTouch Table). However, despite all of these capabilities, there are plenty of things out there we don’t handle, and when a request comes in for something we can’t do ourselves, it is always nice to know someone who can help you out. Before working for Optima, I used to be an event planner [iv] and quickly realized having a rolodex [v] filled with businesses that provide a variety of services makes an event planner’s life very easy. I even joined an organization that devotes itself solely to passing leads back and forth to its members [vi] . If you needed a nine piece big band [vii] , a marzipan covered cake [viii] , or a keynote speaker [ix] , I had it covered. Now that I’m with Optima Graphics, I don’t really get asked for those items all that often [x] , but there are items that do come up.

For instance, just in the last few weeks, I’ve been asked for lenticular graphics [xi] , a 20×20 booth rental, and help with I&D. Based off of the city where our client needed help, I was able to refer them to companies that I knew would not only take the job, but would take care of them. Even if I’m not directly handling that piece of business, I want to make sure when I pass the referral on, they are being treated as well as if I were.

Referrals are a wonderful thing [xii] , and in the best scenarios, it ends up being a win-win-win. The person who needs help finds the help they need, the person you referred the business to gets more business, and both of them are happy with you because you helped each of them out. So, if there is an opportunity you need help with, and you don’t know who can, you might want to give us a call. If we can’t assist you ourselves, we’d be happy to indirectly help you out, because it’s always nice to say, “I know a guy.” [xiii]

Tim Bonesteel [xiv]
Account Executive
Optima Graphics

[i] Or a “Gal”. I don’t want to forget the ladies out there. — Back To Post
[ii] Starting to feel old now, or at least older, Mr. “I’ve-been-in-the-trade-show-industry-for-thirty-plus-years”. — Back To Post
[iii] If you haven’t seen our booth from Exhibitor 2013, we have some great pictures. — Back To Post
[iv] You’re telling me that the guy who still plans bad-movie marathons, bar crawls, and the White Trash Olympics for his friends used to plan events for a living? Yup. — Back To Post
[v] For those of you born after 1989, I’m talking about THIS Back To Post
[vi] Business Network International. — Back To Post
[vii] Jim Manley Music. — Back To Post
[viii] Swedish Bakery. — Back To Post
[ix] Jack Canfield. — Back To Post
[x] I’m not saying never… just not that often. — Back To Post
[xi] Those are the printed pieces that appear to move as you walk by them, most often seen on movie posters and Blu-ray boxes. — Back To Post
[xii] And the most cost-effective form of marketing — Back To Post
[xiii] Or a “Gal”. I don’t want to forget the ladies out there. — Back To Post
[xiv] I may have forgotten to mention that I just figured out how to do footnotes. — Back To Post

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  1. Troy
    March 26, 2013 at 10:39 am

    This post is solid gold – just genius!

    All except for deluge of footnotes, of course… But otherwise a winner all ’round!

  2. March 26, 2013 at 10:43 am

    Great Post Tim!

  3. November 15, 2013 at 11:59 am

    I have known Tim for quite a while. I like the footnotes (and that he remembered us “gals”. He is a footnote kind of guy. It is one of his endearing qualities.

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