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Everybody is a story teller


I recently attended the EDPA roadshow series in Chicago and listened to a fantastic presentation by Brenda Cowan from Fashion Institute of Technology. My assessment of her presentation and subsequent Q&A is that not only is every one a story teller, but we all have to routinely flex the ole grey matter when it comes to asking questions to create our stories. By asking obvious and not so obvious questions, you gather the building blocks for your story. Big details, small details, macro ideas, micro ideas can all come from a session of spit balling questions with your audience. It was obvious that Brenda is an educator and did a fantastic job of posing a question to the audience and as responses came at her, she did not stop to dwell, but asked, “what else, good what else?”. She got the early adopters in the audience to contribute and then got the middle part of he bus to chime in as well. I had never listened to one of her presentations before and must say that I was very impressed.


I love the idea of the technique of spit balling questions and digging deep very quickly, but I believe a challenge we have as adults is that we are culturally trained to answer questions one at a time and when hit with six questions in a row, our brains hit tilt and frustration builds – I know it does for me. As children it is what we did and we gathered a ton of information, but hang out with a four year old for a while and remember why that is annoying.
For me in these spitball sessions, I have to stop and ask as to which one do you want me to answer – number one or six. I assume all six, but my brain is only so swift. So upon reflection, to truly get benefit from the technique or game as she referred to the exercise, we need to set the ground rules. Hang on for the ride I am going to do some heavy exploration and I do not need you to verbally answer every question as I am going to watch your body language, facial expressions, and when a nerve has been struck dig in for the dialogue.
Keep an eye out for other EDPA roadshows as another is being planned by the folks at HQ. if you would like to get a glimpse at the Chicago event, please follow this link.
Dave S. Brown
VP of Sales
Optima Graphics
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