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Hypothetical Case Studies


I was listening to a conversation earlier in the week and one of the speakers was on a roll and laying out a very interesting scenario and then surmised the three four minute rant as a “hypothetical case study” (HCS). So in other words, he made it all up!Well I was listening like an airport people watcher and really got a laugh out of this. I am not sure who coined this phrase, so my apologies for failing to give credit to the author, but the interesting part is that the second party in the conversation totally bought the possible scenario/sales pitch. On one hand the guy was lying; but was he? Since he acknowledged his little white lie with a very fancy phrase, did he really stamp it as make believe and therefore not relevant. It sure appeared that he laid out this scenario as not only possible, but probable and the listener agreed through his passive acceptance of the HCS.
So is a story teller really a hypothetical case studian? Not sure, what do you think? Now I will go back to people watching at the airport and wonder why people walk around the airport with tradeshow badges on… A woman named Megan is now sitting across from me at gate F16.

Dave S. Brown
VP of Sales
Optima Graphics
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