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Can we take your order? Yes, we can get that.

garyOptima is known for having a wide array of graphics solutions and portable modular products. Offering many different fabrics, substrates and graphic output options have helped keep our customers on the cutting edge of the trade show industry. So many of our customers have wide and varying views on portable hardware products. As a result of the many recommendations, different tastes and perceived benefits, Optima’s inventoried product line has grown tremendously.

Still, with so many quality products available, Optima could add more and more, and more inventoried items until our warehouse would bust at the seams.

What’s the solution? Simple.
In 2012, Optima added a new category to our online price book: the Special Order category. We quickly added items that are typically requested but for one reason or another were not inventory products. In a very short time, the Special Order category has grown to include more iPad kiosk options, banner stands, backlit displays, kiosks, towers, counters, literature racks and pop-up displays. We’re not done yet…check back frequently to see what’s new!

garyHow Does it Work?
Optima wants to make it easy to order even non-stocked items. The products within the Special Order category differ from inventoried items in only one way. We need to include a Lead Time from the supplier. For example, a lead time for a leading manufacturer display is shown as 5 days. Depending on the specific time requested the lead time could be shorter or longer. The best approach is for interested parties to contact their Account Representative each time a request is made. Optima’s R&D department has organized all the internal Optima information so that the only difference between a standard Optima product and a Special Order item is that it’s not housed within Optima’s walls. Some items show pricing while others are call for quote due to fluctuating cost from our suppliers.

Where is it?
The Optima Special Order section is located on OptimaGFX.com in the Products & Pricing tab. Don’t see something you think should be included? Please let us know and we will look into adding the missing item!

Gary Camarato
VP Marketing & Creative Development
Optima Graphics

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