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Recharging The Batteries


Over the past two weeks, I have had several dozen conversations with customers and suppliers and there is a common thread in all of them: the sense of recharging ourselves. I attempted to take the last two weeks of the year off and it did not quite work out that way. My ‘holiday break’, as I billed it to my children, was a solid week and not the full-blown extravaganza of having dad around to bug the crap out of them. But regardless, we had some great time together and quite frankly – all remembered why we like each other. The early January conversations have made me realize that many of you had a similar experience (and some folks went to much more exotic places than St. Louis.) So we all recharged and came back ready to take on the year and do our best to have a ‘robust banner year’ (some of you old-school Exposure dealers will enjoy that reference).

So, during dinner on Sunday night, my 12 year-old says to me out of the blue, “dad, you run your battery too low”. I thought he was talking about my phone and said “what are you talking about? It never dies and has 82% right now.” (I broke the no phone at the table rule) and he said “No, you. You work a lot, then swim or sumpin (yes, he said sumpin), and then you drive us to practice(s)… don’t you get tired?” I told him no, but hell yeah. As an industry who serves the critically insane masses and those with Procrastinitis, we bust our humps to do our absolute best at ensuring a ‘good show’. He did not buy it and told me I need to shut my phone off more and relax a bit. My 14 year-old summed it up as ‘I get crabby.’

AuthorEnough about my home life problems, but I did walk away thinking recharging our batteries cannot be a yearly thing or when our phones are down to 8%. I personally established a resolution for the year to find moments to recharge and actually use some of my vacation time to ensure my own sanity yet maintain the health of my family (my biological, Optima, and industry families). This might be a half day on a Thursday or e-mail and phone free Saturday, but I have realized that I do need to recharge my batteries more to keep up with the pace that this industry runs at. I hope you all have your recharging options in place and if not, think about it. We are all extremely intertwined and have the same common goals: provide a healthy experience that allows our customers to grow their businesses. Enough ‘deep doubt thoughts’ with Dave Brown – have a great day and thank you for your business.

Dave S. Brown
VP of Sales
Optima Graphics
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  1. January 18, 2013 at 10:50 am

    Thanks for sharing Dave. It’s really difficult to completely take an extended break in our line of business but I’ve sound short break daily and weekly for an extended weekend, keep me motivated. Have a great year!

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