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Holiday Shopping?

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Happy Holidays from Optima!

In the closing months of 2012, our industry is faced with the rush of clients needing to spend the remainder of their 2012 budget and make plans for 2013. This, my friends, creates opportunity! No need to stand in lines at 5 a.m. or fight crowds who want that new toaster with Wi-Fi – just call Optima.

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I have one goal in Estimation: bring you the greatest balance of product and price while keeping value and quality at the top of the requirement list. Do you have clients who need to exhaust remaining budget dollars for 2012? If so, I can help.

  • We have the fastest turn time in the industry – it’s never too late with Optima
  • We have some of the highest quality products available
  • Our print processes are second to none
  • Aggressive pricing structure – price comparison of like products and services from other vendors can be explored
  • Shipping savings, after-the-sale service and a team of graphic professional are only a few of the many other reasons we can bring you peace of mind

Allow me to help you close out 2012 on a high note or start 2013 with a bang. Contact me for any of your Estimation needs. I am confident we can help complete some of those last minute budget requests before 2013.

Daniel Stefl
Estimation Department
Optima Graphics

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