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From Jewelry to Flesh-tones


In the time I’ve spent at Optima, my goal has been to accurately reproduce and optimize color in an effort to improve our customers print results, doing this through updated print environments and workflow changes.

I have been in the print industry for over 21 years, and color for 15 of it. I’ve adjusted color from jewelry to flesh-tones, on magazines like Maxim and Elle, to Famous & Barr catalogs and Stanford textbooks.

I have learned through testing that the previous print environments were producing bright, over-saturated color, with green to orange flesh-tones, creating difficulty when reproducing an accurate representation of customer’s file. The focus of the new environments is to maintain a certain level of color saturation that our customer has come to expect, while improving upon color accuracy. We have accomplished this with updated software and my experience in the trade of how color should look, based on lighting, profiles, humidity and the surrounding conditions. These can all affect color “trueness” and make it challenging to maintain color expectations.

AuthorAs we progress, Optima will need to educate our customers based on these improvements along with any future improvements that will surely come about as we continue to strive to better our print and color capabilities. The most important color information needed from the customer is whether a new job is to match a previous job, pantone colors or a hard sample match. This info is critical for customer service, so they can provide the correct info needed for production to accurately produce a job based on customer, as well as our own, expectations. We will always recommend this even if these improvements weren’t taking place so that we can maintain the level of excellence our customers deserve. These improvements can be seen across all processes here at Optima, between Select and Colossus, to Lambda and UV. This will help ensure accurate color between the multiple processes and different materials.

A major benefit for customers it that the color produced is a better representation to the files provided.

Quinten Daley
Color Management Supervisor
Optima Graphics
  1. jd
    December 7, 2012 at 10:21 am

    Great job and very informative!

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