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True Thanksgiving at The Randy


After a recent ah-ha moment during one of my many trips to Greater Atlanta, I was reminded about one of our industry’s long lasting charitable events, The Randy Smith Memorial Golf Classic. Presented by the EDPA and E2MA through the tireless efforts of many members and volunteers this event is a true reminder of the good that can happen born out of unfortunate circumstances.Through this tournament nearly 100 trade show industry employees and their families have benefited from the revenue raised. The benefactors have suffered through life changing family tragedies and face an uphill battle with challenging medical expenses and this annual event has been a huge help.

As part of the volunteer effort during the event and my first time participating, it was a pleasure to see old friends and make new ones coming together for this cause. It became clear that staffing and conducting an event like this takes a village, and luckily in our world and through the dedication of industry peers like Rich Johnson, Sandra Braun, Michelle Miller, Kathy Peterson and many other volunteers the Randy Smith tournament was pulled together. This was the 18th year and I think that is one of the most telling signs of heartfelt commitment of longevity in a world so ready to move on to the next worthy cause. It can become hard to retain the energy needed to consistently provide the type of financial support many of the Randy Smith recipients have benefited from over those years.


While this year the weather was beautiful and the golfing and socializing I am sure enjoyable, the main event in my view was the Banquet held immediately following the round of golf. I had no idea that some of this year’s benefactors would be in attendance and being able to see and hear the gratitude and emotion in their faces while speaking about loved ones. It put many things in perspective and brought many in attendance including myself, to reflect on how truly thankful these individuals were and how quickly it brings clear that events in our own lives can suddenly change everything. So for me with Thanksgiving quickly approaching, giving thanks brings with it a bit more emotion than before this experience.

Please consider attending or supporting the “Randy” next year. More info can be found at www.rsmgc.org

Tony Ricci
Account Executive
Optima Graphics
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  1. November 5, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    Thanks for sharing this update , Tony

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