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Help! My Email Marketing Open Rate Stinks

authorWith technology advancements and social media infusion into marketing don’t forget that email is still a very powerful way to communicate and sell.

The main goal of course is to get your message to the customer, but a challenge we all face is to getting the marketing email opened from the inbox. Even with the existence of the inbox Preview Panel there is no guarantee your info is being seen the way you want it to.

Just a reminder that when you run your reports an “open” email is not an email glanced at in the preview window. An opened email is one that is clicked on in the inbox, opened up and seen or other actions taken such as clicking on links in the email message. The “open” is not something we want to trick people into, it is something we generally want them to do because we’ve captured their interest. That being said, I can tell that a with little research you’ll quickly find that email open rates tend to be between 10% and 35%. Some say 10-20%. And it all varies by industry as well.

Look at this Alt Tag DescriptionSince we have only a second or two, we need to grab the reader’s attention fast. When an email comes into an inbox there is a good chance images are blocked. So, giving quick hints at what they cannot see will only help peak their interest to open your email. If you can put a quick “description” of the image, logo, video etc that can make a glance an open. You may be limited in what you can put as a description but you still need to put them in. (In our email service it’s called “description”, in HTML code it’s called an “alt tag” – whatever the name, it’s important to fill it in to help identify your images if they don’t show.)

Image captions are another good tool. This is another way to give the reader an idea of what they are not seeing but can draw their interest and you can put in more information in a caption than a description. Make sure it works with your email design because long captions can be distracting.

The goal is to find a good balance between description and caption use. One might be good enough. Whatever you do, use one to help your email open rate.

Are you tracking your OPEN RATES?
How are you interpreting the OPEN RATES into your ROI or ROO?

About the Author
Derek Leftridge is the Marketing Coordinator of Optima Graphics. He has
spent 19 years involved in many aspects of the Trade Show Industry. He is now
involved in Social Media and E-Marketing for Optima. This article by Derek fits well with this subject matter.

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  1. September 9, 2012 at 10:38 am

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