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Do Whatever It Takes


I’ve always been one to “Do Whatever It Takes”.

I’ll drive 5 or 6 hours just to go watch a favorite band or artist who decided St. Louis wasn’t large enough to be on their tour schedule – yet I’ve never held it against them.

I’ve traveled to nearly all parts US, some Canada and Mexico and even 4 or 5 European countries without ever having the budget to do so because I’ll photograph dogs and make a collage, sell candles through a home-based business, water lawns for those on vacation – all to get that extra cash to go see the world.

Heck, back in my early college days I joined Army ROTC and received cadet, GI Bill and National Guard pay so I could afford to go to college…not to mention follow in my father’s footsteps as well. College wasn’t going to happen for me unless I figured out something. And back then, tuition wasn’t nearly as high as it is now. (How do kids today even afford college now?)

AuthorThe point is that if there’s something I want to do and I have my mind and heart set on it – you better believe I’m going to do it! To me, that just makes sense and I consider it part of my job as an Optima employee. After having recently celebrated my five-year anniversary at Optima, I have realized that doing whatever it takes comes in the form of:

• Building good client relationships
• Answering the phone on the first ring
• Replying to an email as soon as it is received
• Staying until the job is done
• Keeping up-to-date on current graphic design and color trends

Whether personal or professional, Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign has nothing on me! I’ve already Done It!

If we haven’t worked together yet, give me a call on your next project and we’ll see what I can do for you!

Terri Webster
Graphic Designer
Optima Graphics
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