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Print with Digital — the next step


I like to read novels and have a bad habit of reading multiple books at once. I try to avoid it because I read before bed and during sleep my brain mixes things up and I have nightmares about Steve Jobs as a freaky, yet turtle neck wearing, clown in a sewer chasing me and trying to lasso me with ear bud cords. That is a great reason to read one book at a time.

Last Christmas I bought my wife a Frappuccino machine, nothing like the sound of ice being grinded over and over at 6:30am to influence my horrific Jobs nightmares.

She bought US a Kindle Fire. Just last month I began reading exclusively on it. Reading a paper back in bed, on the couch or on the porch is now done on the Kindle. The integration of links connected to the web is great and expands the experience.

This got me thinking about what is the future of the printed page and the printing medium in general?

authorSince working in the trade show graphics industry I have seen the evolution from cut vinyl application to laminated photo prints to fabric graphics. Rumor has it the next step is digital. But wait! What about Digital Integration into Print? I cannot take the credit for this idea but I can take the credit for giving you a link to a great article about this subject — The Future of Print is Digital.

I don’t know if it is as much another step on the print evolutionary ride as it is a new enhancement. Whatever the ultimate decision is, adding interactivity to a static display that can continue the marketing conversation sounds like a great idea to me.

After you read the article, I’d love to hear your comments.

About the Author
Derek Leftridge is the Marketing Coordinator of Optima Graphics. He has
spent 19 years involved in many aspects of the Trade Show Industry. He is now
involved in Social Media and E-Marketing for Optima. This article by Derek fits well with this subject matter.

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