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The New Normal


Definition: Cliché – A trite expression, often a figure of speech, whose effectiveness has been worn out through overuse and excessive familiarity.

“It’s the new normal” this one is certainly gaining cliché status because it’s been adopted to refer to pretty much everything that’s not the way it used to be — the banking system, our economy, marketing budgets; you get the idea.

Now even though the word cliché has a certain stigma, if you think about it, it’s really quite an accomplishment. Because, for something to become a cliché it has proven to be a statement that is so obviously true and simple that it becomes overused to the point that we get tired of hearing it. “Live and learn” …”Stay the course” …all very easily plugged into our consciousness and widely accepted; however, this “New Normal” is a little different. It implies that certain tried and true principles no longer apply and that’s often not the case.

At Optima we offer a pretty simple product …large & grand format graphics specifically for branding venues, environments, trade shows and events – sounds a little simple and obvious, a bit “cliché”, right? But we take these simple solutions further by optimizing our quality and service by bringing new, creative ways to capture attention for your brand with some simple and obvious solutions. We collaborate with our customers, propose options, share our experience and provide you with the tools you need to help sell your program to your customers. We offer extras like creative services, rendering, hardware demo units, free samples and online tools. Our work day is 24 hours and we process 25% of orders the same day we receive them, another 25% ship next day. In other words, we work really hard for our customers. Simple and obvious. “Cliché”? Absolutely!

Back in the day (Pre-2007ish) we saw huge growth for large and grand format printing – bars, clubs, venues, sporting events, NASCAR, golf, pro fishing; everywhere you had an audience you wanted to have your brand on display. Cliché? You bet, and the reason being, it was a simple and obvious way to win advocates for your brand. It cost your client a lot of money for that sponsorship and you wanted to make sure people knew you were a part of their sport, venue, dog show …whatever. Your customer loved this thing they followed and you were sponsoring it and they loved you for being a part of it.

Now think about those Super Bowl commercials that everyone talks about the next day, so funny, so clever but there are always a few where you can’t recall who the advertiser was, or what they were selling. Somebody forgot the obvious “cliché” and spent a lot of money doing it.

AuthorBeing in the business of branding “everything” we sometimes feel it’s all been done but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still work very well. When large groups of people are gathering you want a presence for your brand and banners, posters, signs, flags, tents, barricade graphics, floor, concrete and window graphics are all great tools for getting that done on a budget. So when planning that next event, sponsorship, pop-up store or promotion, make sure you don’t overlook the simple and obvious, “cliché” — Brand Big, Brand Often and let your audience know just who is paying for this Really Great Party!

Mark Nardoni
Strategic Account Manager
Event Sales
Optima Graphics
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